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Academic staff

Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting 

Name Responsibility Email
Professor Matthias Dahm

Head of Department

Professor of Economics (Microeconomics)
Dr Fabrizio Adriani Professor of Economics and Finance
Dr Svetlana Andrianova
Associate Professor in Economics (Banking)
Dr Efthymia-Ioli Argyraki Teaching Fellow in Economics
Professor Marcel Ausloos
Professor of Finance
Dr Emre Aytimur
Lecturer in Economics (Microeconomics)
Professor Badi Baltagi
Professor of Economics (Econometrics)
Dr Sha'ven Bongasu Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Subir Bose Reader in Economics (Microeconomics)
Dr Aris Boukouras Lecturer in Economics (Microeconomics)
Mark Burridge Lecturer in Management
Dr Godfrey Charles-Cadogan Lecturer in Finance
Professor Sergio Currarini Professor of Economics (Microeconomics)
Dr Kaustav Das Lecturer in Economics (Microeconomics)
Dr Piotr Denderski Lecturer in Economics (Labour Economics)
Professor Sanjit Dhami Professor Economics (Behavioural Economics)
Dr Carlos Diaz Vela Lecturer in Finance
Matteo Duca
Dr Don Egginton Associate Professor in Economics and Finance (Macroeconomics)
Dr Rachel English Associate Professor in Accounting
Dr Lucy Ferdous Lecturer in Accounting
Professor Clive Fraser Professor of Economics (Public Economics)
Dr Deborah Gefang Associate Professor in Economics (Econometrics)
Professor Stephen Hall Professor of Economics (Econometrics)
Dr Nermeen Harb Teaching Fellow in Economics
Dr Dushy Hewawithana  Lecturer in Accounting
Lynne Howey Associate Professor in Accounting
Dr Angela Izah Lecturer in Finance
Jenny Kam Teaching Fellow in Finance
Dr Zovanga Kone Lecturer in Economics (Labour Economics)
Professor Daniel Ladley Professor of Finance
Dr Sara Lemos Lecturer in Economics (Labour Economics)
Dr Zhiyong Li Lecturer in Finance
Dr Evangelos Litos Lecturer in Finance 
Kishor Lodhia Associate Professor in Accounting
Dr Jingyi Mao Lecturer in Economics (Microeconomics)
Dr Francisco Martinez Mora Lecturer in Economics (Urban Economics)
Dr Mahmoud Marzouk Lecturer in Accounting
Gaurav Mehta Lecturer in Finance
Dr Emi Mise Lecturer in Economics (Econometrics)
Dr Sarah Mohamed Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Linh Nguyen Lecturer in Finance
Jim O'Hare Associate Professor in Accounting
Tim Obermeier Lecturer in Economics (Labour Economics)
Dr Asako Ohinata Lecturer in Economics (Labour Economics)
Dr Tania Oliveira Associate Professor in Economics (Labour Economics)
Dr Ayman Omar Lecturer in Finance
Dr Bo Pan Lecturer in Accounting
Lu Qiao Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Fathima Rakeeb Lecturer in Accounting
Linda Ralphs Associate Professor in Accounting
Umar Sadaat Teaching Fellow in Finance
Dr Panayiotis Savvas Teaching Fellow in Finance
Dr Jacob Seifert Lecturer in Economics (Microeconomics)
Professor Mohamed Shaban Professor of Finance
Dr Richard Suen Associate Professor in Economics (Macroeconomics)
Dr Arkadiusz Szydlowski Lecturer in Economics (Econometrics)
Professor Lorenzo Trapani Professor of Economics
Chung-Yi Tse Lecturer in Economics (Urban Economics)
Professor Fabio Tufano Professor in Applied Microeconomics (Experimental Economics)
Dr Dimitrios Varvarigos Associate Professor in Economics (Macroeconomics)
Lisa Wakefield Associate Professor in Accounting
Dr Guillaume Wilemme Lecturer in Economics (Labour Economics)
Haige Yuan Teaching Fellow in Finance
Dr Haider Zaidi Teaching Fellow in Finance
Nadia Zakir Teaching Fellow in Economics
Professor Piercarlo Zanchettin Professor of Macroeconomics
Dr Dalu Zhang Lecturer in Finance
Dr Yifan Zhou Lecturer in Finance

Department of Marketing, Innovation, Strategy and Operations

Name Responsibility Email
Professor James Fitchett Head of Department

Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research
Dr John Balabanis  Lecturer in Marketing
Professor Paul Baines Professor of Political Marketing
Dr Ning Baines Lecturer
Dr Nicola Bateman Associate Professor in Operations Management
Dr Simon Bennett Associate Professor
John Cadogan Professor in Marketing
Dr Shelly Chapman Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Wei-Fen Chen Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Jennifer Cole-Wright Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Steve Conway Associate Professor in Innovation
Dr James Crick Associate Professor
Will Darler Lecturer in Applied Analytics and Digital Economy
Dr Peter Davis Teaching Fellow
Dr A J Earley Lecturer in Marketing, Politics and Culture
Dr Odafe Egere Teaching Fellow
Dr Cristina Fona Lecturer
Dr Cristina Galalae Lecturer in Marketing
Aineias Gkikas Teaching Fellow
Dr Georgiana Grigore Associate Professor in Marketing
Dr. Margaret Grzegorczyk Lecturer of Marketing and Innovation
Amoozed Haddiraj Hannan Lecturer
Dr David Houghton  Associate Professor
Professor Mat Hughes Professor of Innovation
Professor Paul Hughes Professor
Dr Abdul Jabbar Associate Professor
Dr Mandi Jamalian Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Meng Jia

Guihan Ko Lecturer of Marketing and Innovation
Professor Zach Lee
Professor of Business Analytics
Dr Winnie Onyas Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Ade Oyedijo Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Dr Nikiforos Panourgias Associate Professor in Financial Market Information Systems
Dr Martin Quinn Associate Professor in Regional Development
Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett Lecturer in Risk Management 
Professor Sarah Park Professor of International Business
Dr George Patsiaouras Lecturer in Marketing and Consumption
Dr Arash Sadeghi Lecturer
Dr Olga Suhomlinova Associate Professor in Management
Dr Li Xiao Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship
Dr. Ayse Yildiz Lecturer of Risk
Amanlina Zakariah Lecturer
Dr Liang Zhao Lecturer in Marketing Strategy
Dr Ruoying Zhou Teaching Fellow
Professor Arvids Ziedonis
 Professor of Innovation

Department of Work, Employment, Management and Organisations

Name Responsibility Email
Professor Matt Flynn Head of Department

Professor of Work and Employment
Godbless Akaighe Lecturer of Leadership
Dr Matt Allen Lecturer in Economic Anthropology
Professor Phil Almond Professor of International Management
Tania Arrieta Lecturer in Work and Employment
Dr Sally-Anne Barnes  Lecturer in Management
Amanda Berlan Associate Professor in Responsible Business
Dr Dan Bishop Lecturer in Employment Studies
Dr Joseph Choonara Lecturer
Matteo Ciccognani Teaching Fellow
Trevor Colling Lecturer of Employment Law
Paul Conville Lecturer
Professor Ana Cristina Costa Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Dr Chris Grocott Lecturer in Management and Economic History
Robert Gonouya Teaching Fellow
Nour Hadjadj Teaching Fellow
Dr Nik Hammer Associate Professor in Work and Employment
Yuhan Huang Teaching Fellow
Nora Musyoka Lecturer in Work and Employment
Professor Maria Karanika-Murray Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology
Zhonglin Liu Teaching Fellow
Chenyiman Lou
Teaching Fellow
Nora Musyoka Lecturer
Dr Anthony O'Tierney Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Oluwagbemiga Oduntan
Teaching Fellow
Jane Partridge Lecturer
Dennis Pepple Associate Professor
Dr Reka Plugor Lecturer in Work and Employment
Dr Deborah Price Associate Professor
Muhammad Ashikur Rahman Lecturer in Work and Employment
Dr Chandrima Roy Lecturer
Dr Lisa Sezer Lecturer in Work and Employment
Dr Charlotte Smith Associate Professor in Management and Organisation
Dr Eimer Sparham Lecturer in Management
Opeyemi Titus Teaching Fellow
Dr Hana Trollman Lecturer
Harry Udoh Teaching Fellow
Dr Katharine Venter Associate Professor in Sociology
Dr Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto  Associate Professor
Wen Wang Associate Professor
Dr Glynne Williams
Associate Professor in Industrial Relations
Dr Martin Wood Associate Professor in Management and Organisation
Professor Stephen Wood Professor in Management
Huiping Xian Associate Professor

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