Academic staff

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Dr Fabrizio Adriani  Associate Professor  252 3371 
Dr Matthew Allen  Lecturer in Culture and Political Economy

Director of Undergraduate Studies 
229 7595 
Professor Philip Almond Professor of International Management 223 1884

Dr Svetlana Andrianova  Associate Professor  252 2462 
Professor Marcel Ausloos  Professor 
Professor Paul Baines  Professor of Political Marketing

Associate Dean - External Relations 
Professor Badi Baltagi  Professor  252 2884 
Dr Nicola Bateman  Associate Professor in Operations Management 

252 3500 
Fred Beaumont  Tutor 
Dr Simon Bennett  Director of Civil Safety and Security Unit 

Programme Leader MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management
229 7577 
Dr Daniel Bishop  Lecturer in Employment Studies 
Feim Blakcori  Teaching Fellow in Human Resource Management  252 7549 
Dr Subir Bose  Reader  252 3420 
Dr Aristotelis Boukouras  Lecturer  252 2170 
Dr Zafeirenia Brokalaki  Lecturer in Marketing  252 3358 
Paul Brook  Associate Professor in Sociology of Work and Employment

Programme Leader MSc Human Resource Management and Training

(campus based) (Semester 2) 
252 5647 
Dr Gareth Brown  Lecturer in International Business  252 1835 
Professor Gibson Burrell  Professor of Organisation Theory  252 2790 
Mark Burridge  Lecturer in Management  252 3954 
Dr Godfrey Charles-Cadogan  Lecturer in Finance  229 7385 
Dr Cheng Chou  Lecturer  373 6288 
Dr Angus Cameron  Associate Professor in Spatial Organisation 

PGR Tutor
252 5311 
Dr Shelly Chapman  Teaching Fellow in Marketing  223 1091 
Matteo Ciccognani  Teaching Fellow - Management and Oraganisation 
Dr Victoria Cluley Research Fellow 
Dr Jennifer Cole-Wright  Lecturer in Marketing  223 1828 
Trevor Colling  Associate Professor, Work and Employment

Director of Postgraduate Taught Studies
Dr Heather Connolly  Associate Professor of Employment Relations 
Paul Conville  Lecturer

Director of Admissions 
252 5933 
Dr Steve Conway  Associate Professor in Innovation

Associate Dean - Internationalisation 
223 1905 
Professor John Cromby  Professor of Psychology

Head of Division - Innovation, Technology and Operations 
223 1971 
Professor Sergio Currarini  Professor  252 5645 
Dr Sam Dallyn  Lecturer in Management and Organisation  252 2846 
Will Darler  Lecturer in Marketing  294 4695 
Dr Andrea Davies  Associate Professor in Marketing  223 1437 
Dr Giuseppe De Feo  Associate Professor of Economics  252 2901 
Professor Panicos Demetriades Professor  252 2835 
Dr Piotr Denderski  Lecturer  252 3703 
Professor Sanjit Dhami  Professor  252 2086 
Dr Carlos Diaz Vela  Lecturer in Finance  252 5368 
Professor Michaela Driver  Chair in Management 
Dr Amanda Earley  Lecturer in Marketing, Politics and Culture  229 7906 
Dr Don Egginton  Associate Professor

Head of Division - Finance 
252 2885 
Dr Doris Eikhof  Associate Professor in Work and Employment

Women's forum 
229 7212 
Dr Amanze Ejiogu  Associate Professor of Accounting 
Tariq Elrazaz  Lecturer in Accounting and Finance  229 7321 
Professor James Fitchett  Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research

Head of Division - Marketing 
223 1218 
Cristina Fona  Teaching Fellow in Marketing  252 7535 
Dr Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner  Associate Professor  252 2467 
Dr Valerie Fournier  Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies  252 5517 
Professor Clive Fraser  Professor  252 5364 
Dr Fabian Frenzel  Associate Professor in the Political Economy of Organisation

Programme Leader BA Management Studies (Year 2)

PRME Lead 
252 5641 
Dr Marta Gasparin  Lecturer in Design and Innovation Management

Deputy Director - PhD Programme 
223 1964 
Dr Torsten Geelan  Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Sociology of Work and Employment

229 7323 
Dr Deborah Gefang  Associate Professor

Director of Year in Industry 
252 2854 
Dr Dimitris Georgarakos  Associate Professor 
Dr Massimo Giovanardi  Lecturer in Marketing  223 1912 
Dr Richard Godfrey  Lecturer in Strategy

Programme Leader MSc Management (campus based) 
252 3389 
Dr Oz Gore  Lecturer in Innovation, Technology and Operations  223 1962 
Helen Goworek  Lecturer in Creative Marketing

Programme Leader MSc Marketing (campus based) 
252 3481 
Dr William Green  Associate Professor in Innovation, Operations and Knowledge Management

Associate Dean - Research 
223 1233

Professor Anne-Marie Greene  Professor of Work, Employment and Diversity

Associate Dean - Research 
252 1934 
Hannah Griffin-James  Research Associate 
Dr Chris Grocott  Lecturer in Management and Economic History

Year Abroad Academic Lead

Senior Ethics Officer 
223 1779 
Professor Stephen Hall  Professor

Head of Division - Economics 
252 2827 
Dr Nikolaus Hammer  Associate Professor in Work and Employment 

PhD Deputy Director 
252 5938 
Melanie Hammond  Research Impact Associate  294 4693 
Dr Ronald Hartz  Lecturer in Organisation Studies  252 5318 
Dr David Harvie  Associate Professor in Finance and Political Economy  252 5339 
Dr Matthew Higgins  Associate Professor in Marketing

Director of Flexible Learning Programmes 
252 5644 
Dr Benjamin Hopkins  Lecturer in Work and Employment

Deputy Director - MBA Programme 
223 1972 
Dr Martin Hoskins  Lecturer  252 2904 
Lynne Howey  Associate Professor

Accreditations Lead 
223 1824 
Professor Peter Jackson  Professor of Economics and Strategy  252 3951 
Dr Mihalis Kavaratzis  Associate Professor in Marketing

PhD Deputy Director 
252 5630 
Dr Polina Khrennikova  Lecturer in Finance  252 5622 
Jacqueline Kirk  Lecturer in International Business 
Dr George Kokkinidis  Lecturer in Work and Organisation  223 1963 
Professor Daniel Ladley  Professor of Finance

Deputy Dean

252 5285 
Dr Ai-Ling Lai  Lecturer in Marketing  252 5646 
Dr Sara Lemos  Lecturer  252 2480 
Professor Hugo Letiche  Professor of Care, Complexity and Organisation 
William Lewis  Teaching Fellow  252 5134 
Dr Zhiyong Li  Lecturer in Finance 
Dr Geoff Lightfoot  Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Accounting  223 1243 
Dr Caroline Linhares  Lecturer in Accounting  223 1833 
Professor Simon Lilley  Professor of Information and Organisation

Head of Division - Management and Organisation 
223 1261 
Kishor Lodhia  Associate Professor

Director of Internationalisation

Programme Leader BSc Accounting and Finance (Year 3) 
223 1965 
Dr Marti Lopez-Andreu  Lecturer in HRM and Employment Relations  223 1074 
Dr Francisco Martinez Mora  Lecturer  252 2789 
Dr Ulrike Marx  Lecturer in Accounting  223 1980 
Dr Mahmoud Marzouk  Lecturer in Accounting  229 7015 
Dr Keir Milburn  Lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation

Programme Leader BA Management Studies (Year 1) 
252 2008 
Dr Emi Mise  Lecturer   252 5315 
Sarah Mohamed  Lecturer in Accounting  
Dr Phoebe Moore  Associate Professor 
Catarina Moreira  Lecturer in Finance 
Professor Rolland Munro  Professor of Philosophy of Organisation 
Professor Suresh Mutuswami  Professor  252 5385 
Dr Hiroyuki Nakata  Associate Professor in Finance

Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies
252 3376 
Linh Nguyen  Lecturer in Finance  229 7322 
Dr Abdurafiu Noah  Lecturer in Accounting  252 5227 
Professor Peter Nolan  Professor of Work and Employment Futures  223 1657 
Jim O'Hare  Associate Professor

252 5155 
Dr Saoirse O'Shea  Teaching Fellow

Senior University Tutor

Diversity Champion 
294 4565 
Dr Asako Ohinata  Lecturer  252 2894 
Dr Tania Oliveira  Lecturer

252 5369 
Dr Ayman Omar  Lecturer in Finance  223 1960 
Dr Winfred Onyas  Lecturer in Marketing  223 1915 
Anthony O'Tierney  Lecturer in Accounting and Finance  252 5636 
Dr Nikiforos Panourgias  Lecturer in Financial Market Information Systems  294 4563 
Dr Georgios Patsiaouras  Lecturer in Marketing and Consumption

Programme Leader MSc Marketing (Distance Learning) 
223 1473 
Dr Silvia Pazzi  Lecturer in Accounting and Finance  294 4661 
Dr Reka Plugor  Lecturer in Work and Employment  252 5955 
Dr Deborah Price  Associate Professor 
Dr Martin Quinn  Lecturer in Regional Development 

Programme Leader BSc Human Resource Management (Distance Learning)
252 5985 
Linda Ralphs  Associate Professor

Athena SWAN Lead 
294 4883 
Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett  Associate Professor in Risk Management (CSSU)  252 5754 
Professor Carl Rhodes  Professor of Management 
Dr Barbara Roberts  Lecturer  252 2906 
Dr James Rockey  Associate Professor

Director of Workload Allocation 
223 1237 
Dr Peter Rodgers  Associate Professor in Strategy

Director of the MBA 
252 3909 
Dr Federica Salvatori  Lecturer in Accounting  252 2389 
Professor Mike Saren  Professor of Marketing  223 1011 
Dr Panayiotis Savvas  Teaching Fellow  252 5301 
Dr Sukanlaya Sawang  Associate Professor in Small Business, Innovation and Wellbeing  223 1967 
Dr Christophe Schinckus  Associate Professor

PhD Deputy Director 
223 1788 
Dr Jacob Seifert  Lecturer in Economics  223 1977 
Professor Mohamed Shaban  Professor in Finance  
Dr Charlotte Smith  Lecturer in Management

Employability Lead 
252 5935 
Dr Warren Smith  Teaching Fellow  252 5958 

Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire  Associate Professor in Cultural Production and Consumption  294 4691
Dr Sandro Sozzo  Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Applications in Social Science

Deputy Director of Internationalisation

Programme Leader BSc Accounting and Finance (Year 1) 
294 4692 
Eimer Sparham  Lecturer in Management

Programme Leader MSc Human Resource Management and Training (Distance Learning) 

Athena SWAN Lead

252 5951 
Professor Mark Stein  Professor of Leadership and Management 252 3984 
Dr Konstantin Stoborod  Research Associate 
Dr Richard Suen  Associate Professor  252 2880 
Dr Olga Suhomlinova 

Associate Professor in Management

Director of the MBA 
223 1248 
Dr Ekaterina Svetlova  Associate Professor in Accounting  223 1981 
Dr Arek Szydlowski  Lecturer  252 5145 
Dr Christiana Tsaousi  Lecturer in Marketing and Consumption

Programme Leader BA Management Studies (Year 3) 
294 4690 
Dr Eda Ulus  Lecturer in Work and Organisation  223 1969 
Dr Dimitrios Varvarigos  Associate Professor  252 2184 
Dr Camelia Vasilescu  Lecturer in Accounting and Finance  223 1968 
Nicolas Vass  Teaching Fellow 
Dr Katharine Venter  Associate Professor in Sociology

Head of Division - Work and Employment 
252 5956 
Dr Hendrik Vollmer  Associate Professor

Head of Division - Accounting 
252 5956 
Dr Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto  Lecturer in Business Ethics and CSR

Senior Tutor - Postgraduate and Distance Learning Programmes 

Academic Lead - PAL Scheme
252 5327 
Dr Jenna Ward  Associate Professor of Work, Organisation and Emotion

Senior Tutor - Postgraduate and Flexible Learning Programmes

Associate Dean - Learning and Teaching 
229 7331 
Dr Kenneth Weir  Lecturer in Accountancy  252 5345 
Sophie Whitehouse  Teaching Fellow in Marketing  252 5965 
Dr Glynne Williams  Associate Professor in Industrial Relations  252 5984 
Dr Martin Wood  Associate Professor 
Professor Stephen Wood  Professor of Management  223 1869 
Andy Wynne  Associate Professor in Public Financial Management 
Dr Piercarlo Zanchettin  Reader  252 5319 
Ruoying Zhou  Teaching Fellow