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Pasquale Accardo
Essays on the Economics of Organised Crime and Networks
Sara Adel Kabil The dynamics of grassroot innovation scaling: An investigation of internal and external factors for successful scaling
Steve Agboyinu  Sustainable social and environmental accounting in oil and gas companies in Nigeria: a comparative analysis 
Syed Noaman Ali Cybersecurity Risk Management - A Governance framework to mitigate Risks of Social Engineering Attacks on Cybersecurity Management
Alaa Hassan A Alsaffar How to lead digital change in a national context? Strategy and skills for tomorrow’s cultural and creative organisations
Aliasghar Aliakbari The non-linear (inverted U-shape) effect of entrepreneurial marketing and coopetition on business performance during the time of crisis (post Crisis) with the moderating role of technological turbulence and market dynamism
Abdulla Alshareef The impact of entrepreneurial marketing orientation and coopetition on product innovation strategies  in SMEs and start-ups and the mediating role of digitalization
Theophilus Kow Anderson
Investigating the role of intermediary organisations in advancing sustainable practices and environmental capabilities in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana's gold mining
Margarita Avgerinopoulou Study of Harry Potter fans; Emotions of consumption in Transmedia Storytelling
Ebenezer Ayeah  Employee's aggression in call centres: the replica effect on service quality and the negative effect on job satisfaction 
Anna Joelle Baum
Social justice and the employment relationship: the rise in precarious work?
Sarra Ben Salem Essays in Computational Finance
Shawn Bhimani

Rimsha Bilal Online consumption practices and behaviors of Pakistani Gen-Z in a post-pandemic world
Jorge Borquez Jorquera Perspectives of sustainability concerning the development of tourism in emerging destinations: A study of the Aysen Region in Chilean Patagonia
Gifty Alswell Brew Mensah Towards an Effective Corporate Governance as a Tool for Financial Soundness in the Banking System: Case Study from Ghana
Jennifer Claire Cartwright The dark side of paid placements?  An exploration of the emotional labour experiences of Business School undergraduate placement-year students in the UK
Wun Han Chan Cross-cultural gamification in social media advertising
Kinkini Chatterjee
Coworking spaces: A new era of work

Roy Mark Clinton The Free Port of Gibraltar, 1784-1886: Development, Organisation and Trade
David Ekundayo Akinola Cole Rethinking Governance and Impacts of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Sierra Leone
Rocchino Contangelo Capital cycle and ESG investing
Denise Corsel Living with floods: Learning from Takeo Province's resilience in Cambodia 
Menaka Prabhani Madushani Dannangoda Gamage Knowledge spillovers in Multi National Corperations  in Sri Lanka: The Impact of Institutions
Michael Darko
Education Policy Reform and its' Impact on Educational Outcomes in Ghana: A Quasi-Experimental Approach
Amy Bleker De Bruycker The gendering of medical specialisms: a study of the specialism career choices by women doctors in the National Health Service (UK)
Marcus Digman Exploring doctors' experiences of performing emotional labour during the Covid-19 pandemic
Arthur De Souza
Rachel Doherty
Jiaxu Du An investigation of the corporate social responsibility disclosure practices of Mainland Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Gokmen Durmus  The role of religion on managers moral decisions: exploratory study in Turkey 
Luis Eduardo Torres Lara
Helen Elliot-Mainwaring
Graham Frobisher  The 7th decade manager: a life of experience or an experience of life? An examination of late career managers’ perspectives upon their world of work 
Ying Gan  An exploration of the effects of ownership structure on corporate governance in Chinese banking area 
Fan Gao
Essays in Financial Network and Computational Finance
Desmond Gargan  New public management and academia 
Ololade Tomilola George-Aremu
The nexus of organisational culture and how its influences women’s roles on Boards of private sector organisations
Burak Gokce
Education Economics
Robert Gonouya Understanding the impact of social prescribing on the wellbeing outcomes and transitions into work, of young people categorised as not being in education, employment or training (NEET): A case study of the experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)
Ravi Kiran Gopalakrishna Pillai The Creation of a Novel Recommendation System for Video material on an E-learning Platform
Benjamin Gross  Culturing the workplace: Sociomaterial relations and expatriate valuation in South Korean higher education 
Yang Gu Factors Affecting Employees’ Work-Life Balance: Evidence from Chinese Multinational Corporations
Nitu Gupta Precarity and Academic Labour in Higher Education in the UK
Mehran Habib  Comparison between the HR issues concerning accident and emergencies (A&E) departments of the Yorkshire and Midlands United Kingdom acute hospitals 
Nour Elimane Hadjadj The impact of Power uses and abuses on the Autonomy of Asylum in the UK: case study of Syrian refugees
Shiban Haithem Gaining Legitimacy Through Organizing Vision: An Institutional Study of Dubai's 50-year Charter
Anita Haliti How Swiss firms ‘crack’ the US market? Exploring critical success factors for Swiss firms successfully positioning into the US market
Ken Hamblin Unraveling the Helix: A Critical Realist Examination of the Silicon Slopes cluster using the Triple Helix theory
Amal Hamlan  Exploring CSR practices of financial institutions in Saudi Arabia 
Zulfikar Hanafi Entrepreneurship / ‘Self-Intention, Family Involvement, and Entrepreneurship Education as Identity of New Business Owners
Chiedozie Obinna Hez Innovation as tool for Accelerated and Successful Change in Information Technology: with Specific Reference to Financial Services
Imran Hossain  The role of entrepreneurship in poverty alleviation in Bangladesh: A critical investigation of the social and community aspects of business and social entrepreneurship in eliminating poverty in a rural environment 
Louisa Vera-Beth Horne From We to Me - The influence of declining communitarianism, social capital and community resilience on volunteering: A case study of Rotary Clubs in Atlantic Canada
Adele Howes Performative Gendered Services: A Post-Structualist Feminist Exploration into the Construction of Gender Identity
Dimitar Hristoskov
Yang Huang Corporate Social Responsibility, Industry Characteristics, and Corporate Performance – An Analysis of China
Yuhan Huang Doctors become managers, a case study of a Chinese hospital
Matthew Hutchinson DPI Market Diversification
Ali Hassan Ali Ibrahim A proposed framework to enhance the role of Forensic accounting in combating Money laundering considering the applications and activities of Blockchain technology
Alena Iltcheva Nation Branding: Identity building and image construction processes of countries in transition. Case study of post-communist countries during the preparation and the course of their Presidency of the Council of the EU
Kenji Ishihara Theology of Green Consumption and its Influence in the Market
Mehman Ismayilli  Behavioural economics 
Aaron Jackson Senior Women Entrepreneurship and Mental Wellbeing: A Study on the Fashion Industry in the East Midlands
Wissawa Jenjob  Management of technology and innovation acceptance: Developing a model of managers acceptance process 
Sruthi John Exploring the entrepreneurial well-being of Indian women entrepreneurs using an interpretivist phenomenological approach to understand the impact of personality and prevailing entrepreneurial ecosystem
Rawn Kadhim Stories in Higher Education in the Middle East: A Tale in Change Management
Danny Kaliba
Macroeconomic effects of the exchange rate: A nonlinear application
Bincy Baburaj Kaluvilla Ethical-investment decision-making under conditions of conflicting values: An exploratory case study on Basel Evangelical Missionaries in Malabar.
Tayamika Kamwanja
Ravi Kiran Gopalakrishna Pillai
Luke Lowalski Lackluster Adoption of Cryptocurrencies as a Consumer Payment Method -Is this Independent Technology in Need of a Brand, and What Kind?
Thomas Leicht Brand equity in and across places 
Sharimar Leman Accounting For Positive Place Brand Image. How Important Are Sustainability Factors?
Yan Ting Leung
Chenyiman Lou The adaptation experiences of Chinese PhD students in the UK
Hussein Lubbad Evaluating IMGs’ career progression within the NHS as well as the role of management support and its implications on the quality of care and retention
Lina Lucumi Mosquers Identity-based inequalities and the global production of fine cocoa and craft chocolate
Salih Mallookee The role of Payment Systems in Financial Inclusion
Marisol Marin Rojas  “It’s not because you are lesbian or sexual worker, but…..” sexual workers and child protection system in Columbia: an approach from matters of care 
Laura Esther Martinez Gutierrez Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: a Case Study of Panama
Leila Masoomi Green product consumers' insight: the way that social media interactions affect motivation toward green consumption
Trevor McFadyen The Gamification of Innovation: Development and Evaluation of a Structural Equation Model of Gamified Innovation 
Selen Mesutoglu  Reputation management of local products in countries with national identity or image conflict – case of Cyprus 
Amoya Ovony Mitchell Cryptocurrency Accounting in Publicly Listed Financial Institutions: The Impact on Shareholder Confidence
Farah Mneimne Resilience-Driven Frugal Innovation by Businesses in Times of Crisis
Amna Moeen Impact of The Mother-Daughter Relationship Play On the Identity of Mothers Returning to Work
Jawad Mohammad
The Dynamic Effects of Financial Liberalisation on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis
Nada Mohamed Semiotics analysis of fashion brands
Lubica Mueller  Agencing processes in the Philippine coffee actor-network 
Nora Musyoka Tradition, organisation and empowerment: 'Mwethya' and alternative feminist organising by the women of Matinyani, Kitui County, Kenya
Lisa Nachtman  The Material Production of Immateriality: Value co-creation through consumer data for digital subscription services 
Mohamed Atef Ahmed Elbeyaly Nassar
Does Real earnings management Affect the firm value: Mediating Effect of Social Welfare and Moderating Effect of Internal Governance Mechanisms: International Evidence Based on IFRS Convergence
Kora Nyznyk
Brian O'Donoghue
Oluwagbemiga Kolawole Oduntan To what extent does Coporate Social Responsibility unleash the creative potential of shop floor workers in a developed country
Maro Ojaide A Critique of Public Financial Management Practice and Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa using the Goal-Means Model of Performance Audit Methodology: A Case Study of Nigeria
Agwu Onuoha The mis-sale of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) in the UK and the role of regulators in Industry Transgression
Fatos Ozkan Erciyas  Social production of space in street food vending: an ethnographic research in Izmir neighbourhood, Turkey 
Julie Pitcher Giles  Small Business - Big Responsibility: An examination of social responsibility among small firms in rural Newfoundland and Labrador 
Tatiana Polyakova  Place branding for small cities and surrounding areas: interrelation of time and place brands 
Ernesto Porta Sandova  Stock market responses to politics: evidence from Latin America
Hemesh Prag

Identifying the applicability of federated learning for computer vision across grocery retail at scale
Colin Price  National IT strategy in the turbulent English NHS: A structuration study of meso-level practice 
Hari Purnomo Why and How do B2B SMEs articulate their Customer Value Proposition
Yichen Qiu
Long-term care labour force in China
Syeda Rahat Impact of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem on university-based start-ups
Muhammad Rahman  Political settlement and labour movements in Bangladesh: A focus on the ready made garments (RMG) sector 
Alejandro Ramirez  Digital transformation in the food and beverage industry: strategic advantages and productivity 
Precious Etiosa Reuben BAME nurses career progression and management support in the NHS
Elizabeth Victoria Jane Robinson Job Satisfaction in Multi-academy Trusts
Jonathan Rogers Persuasion and decision marking: An investigation into the methods of persuasion used by sell-side broker dealers to influence buy-side asset manager investment decisions pre- and post MiFD II regulation change in the investment industry
Mostafa Saadeldin  Intergenerational Consumption and the Modern Muslims’ Experiences: An Ethnographic study on Egyptian Consumers 
Enise Sanci Does CEO personality really matter? CEO narcissism, CEO overconfidence, CEO reputation and their effects on firm financial outcomes 
Probowo Erawan Sastroredjo Where should you look in order to find anomalies in financial statements?
Tasneem Shaikh Job factors that influence work-nonwork conflict and its impact on employee turnover intentions
Samar Shaklia El-Nakla Women’s consumption of luxury goods and services in Dubai and the motives behind their consumption
Antara Sharma
Selective Retention and Realized Payoffs
Rohit Sharma University responses to under-represented students, employment and closing of progression gaps?: A case study of the ‘Student First’ initiative
Chenyong Shi Chinese MNEs OFDI in the EU and UK
Mahmoud Shihadeh The Utilisation of Decentralised Social Media for Crisis Communication Management in the Public Sector
Mable Sikanyiti Women's employment in the financial sector in Zambia: a gender analysis 
Haroon Tabraze Stakeholders’ perceptions: Deciphering the audit quality
Asad Tahir The Utilisation of Decentralised Social Media for Crisis Communication Management in the Public Sector
Sraa Taj Understanding the Relation between Mobile Technologies and Young Females Becoming Entrepreneurs
Leen Mustafa Aref Talafha The Relationship Between Ethical Controversies And Sustainability Assurance: A Moderating Role Of Corporate Governance
Sonia Tamakloe Managing multi-tier sustainable supply chains: the adoption of visual management for visibility and transparency
Sujata Telang
Ivi Theodoulou 
Maleka Thula
The Role of Informal Institutions on Growth, Poverty and Inequality Nexus
Bosun Tijani
Olatunbosun Tijani
Luis Eduardo Torres Lara Researching Design Through Design as Research: Towards a Low-Code Enterprise Applications Design Method
Thuy Duong Tran  Corporate philanthropy at Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam 
William Trevor  Examining the diffusion of frugal and revers innovation: a comparative study of the healthcare sectors in the USA and India 
Janice Turner  Consuming sport: An examination of the IRONMAN brand community 
Harry Udoh E-Governance and Its Performance in Nigeria's Public Sector: A case of ICT Enabled Reforms
Mfon Okon Usoro Impact of Capital Structure on the Performance of Banks Overtime
Assumpta Happy Umwagarwa Multiple job holding among highly educated and highly paid nationals of the developing countries - Drivers, Effects, and Regulations
Kuok Sin Un Essays on Technical Analysis and Asset Price Prediction
Pascal Vander Straeten  The significance of tail risk management: Qualitative risk tools to help create more resilient business models for banks 
David Walker
Jinshang Wang
Exploring the application of high-frequency trading strategies in different trading markets
Shuoxiang Wang
Information Spillover Between Underlying Asset and Its Corresponding Derivatives
Clarissa Wilson
Steven Wilson The Emotions Behind Innovation: An Autoethnography of The Emotional Lifecyle During Innovation Within a Public Sector Organization
Amy Yan Ting Leung
Richard Yeboah Essays on Climate Risks and Corporate Finance & Reporting
Cemre Yoldas
Behavioural Finance and Hormones
Jingjing Xing  An evaluation of regional CSR reporting practices in China 
Kangan Xue Uncertainty in Financial Markets
Xiaohao Zhang  Bid data and consumer behaviour towards online luxury fashion brands: comparative studies of consumers in China and UK 
Yuhan Zhang  Volatility spill-over between stock prices and foreign exchange rates: do structural breaks matter? 
Yili Zhou
New shocks in the FX market
Lin Zou
Jianqing Zhu
A study on the time-varying systemic risk of external shocks to the financial system


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