PhD students

Name Research Area Email
Mohammed Abdullahi  How does social capital have an impact on the employability of Nigerian graduates? 
Noora Abdulrahman  Innovation management to achieve sustainability and excellence in public sector institutions in the UAE 
Steve Agboyinu  Sustainable social and environmental accounting in oil and gas companies in Nigeria: a comparative analysis 
Olubunmi Agift Ajala 
Precious Orhie Akponah  The social life of rubbish: an ehtnographic research in Lagos, Nigeria 
Abeer Al Yaqoobi  Importance of prudent risk management by public funded institutions of Oman and its impact on Oman's economy 
Sara Alizadeh Miyandoab 
Khulod Alqutub  Weight management practices among Saudi women: technologies of the body, dieting and exercise   
Cep Jandi Anwar 
Pasqualina Arca 
Efthymia-loli Argyraki 
Tania Arrieta Hernandez  Monetayr policy and its impact on the financial market development in Mexico 
Herve Atayi  "Two steps from heaven": a phenomenological approach to understanding the representation of the Seychelles image as a tourist destination 
Ebenezer Ayeah  Employee's aggression in call centres: the replica effect on service quality and the negative effect on job satisfaction 
Aikaterini Balatsouka 
Salma Baz  Managing cultural diversity: Pakistani immigrant doctors working in British hospitals 
Maha Baz Radwan  To own or to access: exploring collaborative consumption drivers and inhibitors among millennials 
Jonathan Bezalel  Participation induce adherence – a crowd funding story 
Barbara Boggiano 
Sylvana Botros  Political views: effect on managing organisational conflicts 
Naveed Butt  Effects of workload on audit quality 
Ken Chan  Does property stock price signal or cause property price? Evidence from selected Asian countries 
Marco Checchi  Exploring historically and conceptually the idea of the primacy of resistance 
Andrew Taki Christodoulou  An investigation of key accounting issues relating to growth and Long term survival of UK SMEs 
Matteo Ciccognani  Rethinking labour through cinema: from pastoral power to engineered culture 
David Cockayne  A qualitative investigation into digital brand experience and its role in the internationalisation of professional football clubs 
Robert Coles  Innovation without destruction: how do we re-situate leading and managing as socially constructed activities, within a framework of organisational sustainability? An interdependence theory approach 
Paul Conville  Definition and social change: the case of "social enterprise" 1980-2010 
Muditha Cooray  Businesses that shouldn’t exist: investigating SME successes 
Sebastian Cortes-Corrales 
Denise Corsel Living with flood risk: learning from Takeo’s resilience 
Amy de Bruycker  The impact of the new contract on junior doctors' experience: their expectations of work, employment and career in the NHS, England 
Claire Deschner  The performative politics of pre-figuration: performance and organisational hierarchy in anarchist movements 
Gokmen Durmus  The role of religion on managers moral decisions: exploratory study in Turkey 
Claire English  Safety and its others: from safer spaces to collectivising vulnerability in migrant solidarity organising 
Stamatoula Fragkou  The effect of liquidity risk on financial stability: stress test applications for the EU banking sector and pension funds 
Graham Frobisher  The 7th decade manager: a life of experience or an experience of life? An examination of late career managers’ perspectives upon their world of work 
Zahra Gambarova 
Ying Gan  An exploration of the effects of ownership structure on corporate governance in Chinese banking area 
Xing Gao 
Desmond Gargan  New public management and academia 
Arpita Ghosh 
Christos Giotitsas  Capital, commons and the internet of things: escape routes and pigeonholes 
Margherita Grazioli  Reclaiming the city, organising migrants commons. Everyday urban life and political action in Rome 
Bill Gregorash  Gastronomic memories in hospitality: are we leaving the table hungry? 
Benjamin Gross  Organising English and empire: coloniality of knowledge and valuation in multicultural organisations in South Korea 
Sa'adatu Gusau  A review of outsourcing and employment relations in multinational oil corporations: an exploratory study of Chevron Nigeria plc 
Milan Gyanwali  SME growth in a recession: market mapping and development 
Mehran Habib  Comparison between the HR issues concerning accident and emergencies (A&E) departments of the Yorkshire and Midlands United Kingdom acute hospitals 
Edmond Hagan 
Amal Hamlan  Exploring CSR practices of financial institutions in Saudi Arabia 
Laura Harvey 
Hela Hassen  The dissemination of culinary knowledge facilitated and intensified through the global cultural flow of the mediascape 
Christian Holmes  Professional associations: nature, agency and contradictory complexity. An exploration using the extended case method 
Imran Hossain  The role of entrepreneurship in poverty alleviation in Bangladesh: A critical investigation of the social and community aspects of business and social entrepreneurship in eliminating poverty in a rural environment 
Ruixian Huang  Research on the effects of microfinance in China (mainly on poverty alleviation and SME development)   
Wenjin Huo  Customers’ adoption and purchasing decision towards innovative service in Chinese telecom industry 
Saadia Irfan  Impact of audit quality on earnings management 
Mona Itani  Women entrepreneurs in Lebanon: prospects and challenges 
Sara Jabeen 
Nicolas Jacquemot  Story-telling in family-run companies: it’s role in shaping company culture 
Yaya Saidou Jallow 
Mandi Jamalian Hamedani  Interrelationship between death, anxiety, emotions and dark tourism consumption: a cross-cultural study 
Chanhyo Jeong  The brick and mortar of business research collaboration 
Zhehao Jia  Cross border investments, venture capital success and long term performance 
Secki Jose  Control of knowledge work: ITeS work in India 
Moataz Kamel  A proposed framework for applying disruption-based strategic risk management to incumbent technology businesses 
Tayamika Kamwanja 
Rodney King  Embodied leadership performance coaching inspiring beautiful leadership performances from the inside out 
Sule Koran  The impact of retail locations on consumer preferences 
Rasim Kurdoglu  An inquiry into legitimation of subjectively unfair managerial decisions on career advancements 
Chi Kin Lai  Celebrity endorsement: a qualitative study of chain tutoring schools in the Hong Kong shadow education sector 
Vivian Latinwo-Olajide  The employable subject: narrative of graduate 'employability' 
Xun Lei  Interplay between China’s stock market and politics 
Thomas Leicht  Brand equity in the context of place branding: development of a cross-culturally valid scale for measuring customer-based place brand equity 
Ryan Kok Kan Li  Exploring the superiority across different technical analysis: evidence of Hong Kong stock market 
Evangelos Litos 
Purna Loksom  Impact of economic growth on inequality. An empirical research on South Asia 
Rui Luo 
Rui Ma  Cultural production and consumption of crafts and artefacts in contemporary China 
Juliana Mainard-Sardon  Voluntary sector - change, challenges and hard times
An impact analysis of policies implementation within the big society 
Connie Mak  Understanding cultural capital of impression management in senior Asian executives 
Emma Manifold 
Jingyi Mao 
Marisol Marin Rojas  “It’s not because you are lesbian or sexual worker, but…..” sexual workers and child protection system in Columbia: an approach from matters of care 
Katie Melvin  Psychosis and emotion 
Selen Mesutoglu  Reputation management of local products in countries with national identity or image conflict – case of Cyprus 
Andreas Meyer  Characteristics of an aviation risk management framework in a socio-political environment such as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 
Veronica Morino  Measuring fraud resistance: an approach to assessment of organisations’ anti-fraud programmes 
Haha Movahedi 
Lubika Mueller  Tensions of social enterprises operating in value chains in Philippines 
Andrea Muller  “Unleashing pandora’s box – will family enterprise succession and BASEL III render trust in corporate financing into an obsolete currency? A comparative study between Germany and an Asian Country (yet to be defined) 
Tadiwa Muradzikwa To what extent is the skills shortage debate instrumentally informing policy-makers?
Lisa Nachtman 
Tahir Naeem  Role of higher education in national innovation system: case of Pakistan 
Brian O'Donoghue  Followers dilemma, Asian consequences: a perspective on followership and leadership among academic middle managers in Higher Education in Malaysia 
Tony O'Tierney  Mortgage-backed securities - not what they say on the tin 
Nicholas Okot 
Robert Ott  The re-emergence of craftsmanship: embodiment and materiality in bespoke tailoring and cordwaining
Nihan Ozkan  The Impact of continuous changes of products design on supply chain performance and strategy 
Fatos Ozkan Erciyas  Social production of space in street food vending: an ethnographic research in Izmir neighbourhood, Turkey 
Anastasia Papadopoulou 
Rozanne Pereira  Pop up shops as a sublimate marketing approach through enhancing the consumer shopping experience 
Julie Pitcher Giles  SMEs and the competitive power of CSR 
Daniele Pizio  Organising privacy. Anonymous infrastructures and the emergence of the hidden internet 
Ali Yavuz Polat 
Tatiana Polyakova  Place branding for small cities and surrounding areas: interrelation of time and place brands 
Jan Pool  The face of precarious labour:  understanding the daily life of workers with precarious employment as the outcome of their interaction in the flexibilisation of labour of the Dutch labour market 
Ernesto Porta Sandova  Stock market responses to politics: evidence from Latin America 
Maria Psyllou 
Muhammad Rahman  Political settlement and labour movements in Bangladesh: A focus on the ready made garments (RMG) sector 
Alejandro Ramirez  Digital transformation in the food and beverage industry: strategic advantages and productivity 
Chathurani Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage  Investment decisions in mega projects: a cultural political economy of development accounting 
Ririen Riyanti  SME lending in Indonesia: bank consolidation, competitiveness and ownership type 
Nikitha Rohith 
Mostafa Saadeldin 
Patricia Saez  An exploratory study of the practices of profit oriented impact investing funds 
Matthew Salter  Strategic human resources sourcing and its impact on professional role identity 
Enise Sanci  Does CEO personality really matter? CEO narcissism, CEO overconfidence, CEO reputation and their effects on firm financial outcomes 
Zunaira Saqib  Understanding Pakistan's non-profit sector: funding and income generation 
Leandros Savvides  3-D printing: politics, hacking and innovation between industry and hobbyism 
Waseem Shahzad  Exploring the human factor in healthcare: barriers to compassionate care for frail old people 
Chen Shen  Agent based herding module: the social interaction in finance 
Mable Sikanyiti  Women's employment in the financial sector in Zambia: a gender analysis 
Chinapratha Sitokornchayarpong 
Lachlan Smith  Graduates’ understandings of work and identity in education to work transitions in the UK 
Livia Souza Menezes 
Michelle Spiteri Bailey  Trust; a fundamental factor in auditing – trust, audit quality and perceived professional scepticism, in the auditor – client relationship 
Chris Stamper 
Bethany Suttill  "Not even employable teens": identities of young people on a course for those not in education 
Maddalena Tacchetti  Made in Britain: identity construction in asylum seekers accounts 
Helen Tettey  Public sector reforms and their implications for the health sector in Ghana 
Ivi Theodoulou 
Luis Torres Lara  Towards a better understanding of the effects of human design factors on ERP systems users emotions, user experience and ERP system use 
Bob Townley  Something lost, something gained: a psychoanalytically informed study of loss and mourning in organisations 
Chi T M Tran 
Thuy Duong Tran  Corporate social responsibility at Vietnamese higher education institutions 
William Trevor  Examining the diffusion of frugal and revers innovation: a comparative study of the healthcare sectors in the USA and India 
Janice Turner  Consuming sport: measuring customer-based brand equity among triathlon properties in Canada 
Akbar Ullah 
Valeria Unali 
Nicolas Vass  Visual community organising 
Budi Waluyo  Agencification and financial management: cases in the Indonesian public service agency 
Yongli Wang 
Weiyu Wang  Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role of Bilateral Relationship and Interaction with Cross-national Distances 
Sophie Whitehouse  From vinyl to cloud technology: foregrounding visual aspects of music consumption in the digital age 
Xanthe Whittaker  Behind the news: the reconfiguration of work in newspaper journalism in the digital era, a labour process perspective 
Melisa Williams 
Xinghua Xia  A study of copula approach: application to financial risk management 
Jingjing Xing  An evaluation of regional CSR reporting practices in China 
Yaofei Xu  Cross market information in CDS, option and stock 
Ed Yates  How and why do global processes of capital accumulation affect youth labour in Greater Manchester 
Tom Yates  Challenges of quantifying memory and observing the process of forgetting in individuals 
Amee Yostrakul  A comparative analysis of a grass root micro initiative and a government funded microfinance scheme: evidence from rural Thailand 
Haige Yuan 
Nadia Zakir 
Bowen Zhang  Success factors of place marketing in southern China and the UK 
Luoman Zhang  Chinese alcohol and the struggle abroad 
Qicong Zhang  The cultural production and consumption of luxury brands within the Chinese context 
Wanli Zhang  Subjective ageing and resistance to organisational change: the China context 
Xiaohao Zhang  Bid data and consumer behaviour towards online luxury fashion brands: comparative studies of consumers in China and UK 
Yuhan Zhang  Volatility spill-over between stock prices and foreign exchange rates: do structural breaks matter? 
Tiantian Zhang  The development of inter-personal trust in Chinese distribution channel relationship