We have a number of spin-out companies based on commercialising research from the University of Leicester:

Cancer Diagnostics

Recent research has demonstrated that DNA from cancer cells can be reliably extracted from blood samples, and collaboration with the Medical Research Council, Toxicology Unit, has now allowed the analysis of mutations in this DNA. In view of the importance of precise genetic profiling of cancers for treatment and other purposes, Cancer Diagnostics was created to offer a testing service on a trial basis to oncologists and pharmaceutical companies.

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earth sense logo and image of smoking chimneys‚ÄčEarthSense measures and models air quality through unique static and airborne sensors and interpretation of satellite data. The team has unparalleled expertise in quality sensor design and analysis, providing advice and support to government and industry globally.

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MIP Diagnostics Ltd

MIP Diagnostics Ltd logoMIP Diagnostics Ltd commercialise various forms of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs). The proprietary technology includes a novel method to make nanoMIPs which circumvents the drawbacks of traditional MIP manufacturing methods.

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Open Brain Ltd

Open Brain is a new University spin-out company, arising from research in the Dept of Biology, and is aimed at developing an accessible platform for applying Baysian Statistical models to real world problems.

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OCB Media

OCB Media logoAn award winning producer of online and optical (CD-ROM/DVD) based learning materials for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals worldwide.

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Scionix Ltd

Scionix logoA joint venture between the Department of Chemistry and Genacys Ltd (subsidiary of Whyte Group Ltd), Scionix commercialises the industrial use of ionic liquids, a novel class of solvent systems.

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Spectral ID Ltd

Spectral-ID is a low cost method of non-destructively detecting counterfeit products. The Spectral-ID device can be used throughout the supply chain to discriminate rapidly between genuine and counterfeit product samples.

The initial market focus has been on counterfeit medicines, but the device has successfully been used to authenticate other high value goods such as razor blades, high value spirits and batteries.

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