Distance and online learning

Student studying on laptop in a library

Distance and online learning

Citizens of Change don’t all study in Leicester. Our online distance learning courses have students in more than a hundred countries, on almost every continent*, studying a wide range of subjects at different levels. Whatever the actual distance involved – other side of the planet or just down the road – distance learning is a great way to boost your career alongside your existing commitments.

Distance Learning can serve as an invaluable opportunity for students with backgrounds of forced displacement to further their education. As a University of Sanctuary, we have committed to offering 100 Distance Learning Sanctuary Awards over the academic years 2023/24 to 2025/26 to aspiring students who have been forcibly displaced from their homes and/or who are at risk of political persecution, violence or conflict anywhere in the world.

(*Not Antarctica. Yet.)


The University’s research is ranked 30 in the UK in the Research Excellence Framework 2021, according to analysis by Times Higher Education.

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