Be somebody at the University of Leicester

At the University of Leicester we love ‘somebodies’. Somebodies take the world on and make things happen. We love nurturing new somebodies, who will explore, unearth, invent, imagine, innovate and help change the world.

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Student Life at Leicester

Leicester triumphs at Varsity once again

Our annual series of sporting contests against De Montfort University was thrilling and close fought but we eventually came out on top.

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More from around the University

Newly discovered Silurian fossil Cascolus ravitis offers insight into crustacean evolution

Just 9mm long, preserved in incredible 3D, this holotype represents a new genus. The name is a Latin (via Old English) tribute to Sir David Attenborough.

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Explore our great city

Welcome to Leicester

Set in the heart of England, Leicester is a city rich in heritage and history, festivals and sport.

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Mike and the Mechanics

29 March 2017


Genesis founding member Mike Rutherford joins forces with a new generation Mike and The Mechanics for their nationwide Word of Mouth Tour 2017.

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