Alumni Chapters

The University of Leicester is always looking to maintain a strong connection with our graduates and a global way of doing this is through Alumni Chapters! 

What is an Alumni Chapter?

An Alumni Chapter is a social and/or professional networking group organised by and for Alumni. They help to bring Alumni in a specific geographical area together to participate in local activities and events in a fun and friendly environment.

The University of Leicester currently has Chapters in:

  • Hong Kong
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are keen to volunteer to join our Chapters as general or committee members. Chapters are made up of a number of roles including President, Secretary, Recent Graduate Officer, Treasurer and Events Officer.

Benefits of joining a Chapter

  • Networking opportunities - Chapters can be a great way of meeting those local to you and developing your connections.
  • Stay connected to the University - Chapters can keep you connected to your University and help you feel part of the institution.
  • Free membership - Being part of a Chapter is free and a membership that you can promote to your network.
  • Give back and help others - You can help others in your Chapter with work they might be trying to do or by just being a friendly face to bounce ideas off.
  • Expand your skills - Committee roles always look good on a CV and can open up other opportunities.

Joining an existing Chapter

If you would like to join an existing Chapter, contact us with your full name, degree course and dates we will put you in touch with the Chapter President.

Setting up a new Chapter

Alumni Chapters may run with different ethos’s but must all agree to run the Chapter the same way. Chapters must:

  • Set up a committee - This needs to be a minimum of three Alumni. Made up of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Recent Graduate Officer, Events Officer and general members.
  • Run at least two events per year - These can be a simple meeting or something more events based, these can be physical or online.
  • Raise Chapter funding - Unfortunately the University cannot provide support via a Chapter budget. We can discuss ad hoc budget requests.
  • Send a yearly report of activity - The Chapter Account Manager will send out a yearly proforma for the Chapter Committee to complete.
  • Ensure member details are up to date - The Chapter President must ensure all members have provided up to date details for the University Alumni database.

We are interested in setting up Chapters everywhere, but have had some specific interest from Alumni for Birmingham, Manchester, Philippines, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Zambia and elsewhere!

Useful materials

Below are some materials that you might find useful to read before you set up a chapter and when the chapter is up and running!

Nigeria Chapter welcome home event.

West Africa alumni event in Ghana.

Singapore Chapter planting a tree on campus.

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