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Collaborative research

The University works with all types of partners to deliver research and innovation. Our academics are at the heart of this process, sharing material, data, knowledge and skills through a range of research and innovation agreements that include:

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Innovate UK funding
  • Collaborative research grant applications
  • Material/data transfer agreements

Our business-led team support a wide range of SMEs, charities and larger business. Contact for enquiries relating to collaborative research and Innovate UK applications.

three students listening to a workshopContract research

Contract research is a type of research carried out by universities on a contracted basis, where the university is paid to conduct research by a business or other commercial entity to develop new knowledge.

If your company has an innovative idea that you wish to develop, but lack the resource and knowledge to achieve it, commissioning contract research with the University of Leicester can help.

The University’s world class research can help address business problems and support the development of new products. Our team will work with you to find the relevant expertise among our academic community and supply a specification for your research project. Projects can include use of the University facilities for experimental purposes.

We will work with you and our academic colleagues to define the scope of the research and agree a programme of work for the period to be contracted.

man pointing at screenConsultancy

Consultancy work is the provision of specialist advice by experts at the University on a fee-paying basis that centres around the application of existing knowledge.

Our consultancy clients range from SMEs to global corporates, public sector organisations (Government Departments, Local Authorities, NHS (National Health Service) Trusts) and non-commercial entities, such as charities. Consultancy work can be delivered locally, within the UK or internationally.  

Examples of consultancy work offered by the University

  • Serving on scientific boards
  • Policy advice
  • Advice on research on clinical trial design
  • Data analytics, data mining, analytics, and web-based tools
  • Applications of algorithms or other data processing scripts
  • Product assessment
  • Product development testing
  • Novel instrumentation
  • Expert witness advice
  • Advice to the media
  • Technical and specialist advice
  • Feasibility studies
  • Programme evaluation
  • Analytical services and laboratory testing

Consultancy can provide your organisation with the expert knowledge needed to overcome a challenge or problem. Consultancy with the University of Leicester is delivered subject to entering a contract with the external organisation requesting the services.

For more information contact

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme (KTP) is a leading programme funded by Innovate UK focused on commercialisation of innovation. A KTP will help your company succeed by connecting you to University of Leicester’s academic resources.

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