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Business and law

a law student in courtBusiness, management and economics

Our academics from the School of Business offer their expertise through consultancy across the financial, business and management sector.

Our particular strengths are:

  • Skills, performance and development
  • Employability
  • Youth transitions to work
  • Work and worker organisation
  • Academic practice and distance learning
  • International macroeconomics and central banking
  • Microeconomic theory and applications
  • Marketing and consumers 


We have over 50 academics working in the School of Law whose research expertise includes areas within Human Rights Law; International Law; Commercial and Corporate Law; Criminal Law; Labour and Employment Law; and justice, security and risk. 

Media and communication

Media and Communication at Leicester conducts critical and empirical analysis of media and communications, their structures, policy and legal frameworks, audiences and effects. Many of our academics serve as consultants and advisers to international agencies, Government departments, Parliamentary committees, and media organisations.

Our interests also include the rapidly changing areas of media and communications such as e-democracy, e-government, e-commerce, and e-learning.

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