Dr Mandi Jamalian

Lecturer in Marketing

School/Department: School of Business (ULSB)

Telephone: +44 (0)116 223 1237


Address: Room 1.15, Brookfield House



I joined the University of Leicester as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in 2015 while at the same time studying for my doctoral research full time in the School. I also worked as a Teaching Fellow at ULSB (2020-21) prior to taking up my current post as a Lecturer. 


My main research interests include consumer experience and behaviour; tourism, leisure and cultural consumption; qualitative and ethnographic research methods. In my PhD thesis titled 'A More-Than-Representational Understanding of Dark Tourism Places', I explored how places of death and their meanings are produced, consumed and reconstructed through the embodied practices in and around them. The findings from this study add to a growing body of literature on dark tourism and enhance our understanding of place consumption. 





Jamalian, M., Kavaratzis, M., & Saren, M. (2020). A happy experience of a dark place: Consuming and performing the Jallianwala Bagh. Tourism Management, 81, 104168. View abstract

Papadopoulos, O., Lopez-Andreu, M., & Jamalian, M. (2021). Violation and lack of awareness of employment rights in the United Kingdom's hotel industry: Isolation, fragmentation and barriers to labour enforcement. Industrial Relations Journal, 1- 16. View abstract

Lopez Andreu, M., Papadopolous, O., & Jamalian, M. (2019). How has the UK hotels sector been affected by the fissuring of the worker-employer relationship in the last 10 years? Director of Labour Market Enforcement: London. Pp. 1-58. View

Paper presentations

Jamalian, M., Kavaratzis, M. and Saren, M. (2019) Tourist Photography: The experience of visitors at the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Memorial, paper presented at the Travel and Tourism Association Europe 2019 Conference, 7-10 April, Bournemouth, UK.

Jamalian, M., Kavaratzis, M. and Saren, M. (2019) A place for remembrance, rest and selfies, paper presented at the 6th Corfu Place Marketing and Branding Symposium, 6-10 May, Corfu, Greece.

Artwork presentations

IPBA Art Gallery (2019). It's a dark but a happy place. University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece View 

Images of Research competition (2018). In Search for Inner Peace. University of Leicester. [Katherine May People's Choice Award Winner] View 



I am particularly interested in supervising students in the following areas:

  • Consumer behaviour 
  • Tourism, leisure and cultural consumption
  • Services marketing 
  • Place & destination marketing 
  • Ethnography 


MN3119 Services Marketing (UG Final Year)
MN7010 Principles of Marketing (MSc Marketing)
MN3204 Dissertation (Marketing) Supervision 


Image of Research (2018): ‘In search for inner peace’ - Katherine May People's Choice Winner


I am Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 
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