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Lecturer in Management

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Address: 0.02 Heron Building, Brookfield Campus, University of Leicester School of Business


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I am a Lecturer in Management. Before joining the University of Leicester, I held various academic and non-academic positions in the UK, Czech Republic and Canada. I obtained my PhD from Loughborough University. My background is in the physical sciences and the focus of my PhD was sustainability (industrial engineering).

I have been part of two EPSRC funded centres: Industrial Sustainability and Innovative Manufacturing in Food. I also contributed to the H2020 project Activating Circular Services in the Electrical and Electronic Sector (C-SERVEES). At Loughborough University, I co-founded the Open Research Collective (ORC) with the aim of increasing awareness of open research and new methods in research.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). I also completed the ILM Award in Leadership and Management and the ILM Award in Leadership and Team Skills.


My research builds on what it means for businesses to be ecologically embedded. I am particularly interested in food industry (farm to fork) and the application of digital technologies alongside strategies for improving ecological embeddedness. My research predominantly takes a holistic view of sustainability at a systems level although insights from case studies help to develop the necessary understanding. As such, my research spans product and process development; strategy at corporate, business and functional levels; and specific issues such as food security, food waste and supply chains.


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I am interested in supervising students at the doctoral level in the following areas:


  • Ecological Embeddedness of Business


  • Business Sustainability


  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Business and the Sustainable Development Goals


I am module leader for MN7400 Academic Skills and Practice and MN3131: Ecology and Sustainability: Contemporary Issues.

I also teach on MN2116: Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Practice.

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