Dr Georgios Patsiaouras

Associate Professor in Marketing and Consumption

School/Department: Business School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 223 1473



I re-joined the School in September 2011 as Lecturer in Marketing, where I completed my PhD degree in 2010. I hold an MSc in Marketing (distinction) awarded by the University of Leicester in 2006 and previously I studied Business Administration (BA 2004) at the University of Macedonia (Greece). I am currently acting as Impact Lead for the MISO department and Programme Leader for the MSc Marketing (FL) Programme. 


My research interests lie in the areas of marketing theory, consumer research, sustainability and how institutional forces have shaped the development of marketing concepts and practice. My research has been funded by the Marketing Trust, LabEx ICCA, ESRC IAA Fund amongst others. 



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I have supervised 7 PhD students to completion and currently I co-supervise the following students. 


Miss Shalkia Samar (Part Time) first supervisor with Georgianna Grigore. Female  Luxury consumption in Dubai.


Miss Amy Yang (Part Time) joint supervisor with Georgianna Grigore. Content marketing for educational purposes: What and how do consumers learn from online video tutorials?'.


Mr Ali Neoman, (Distance Learning) join supervision with Abdul Jabar. Crisis Management in the Cyber-security sector.


I would be interested in supervising dissertations on any of the following areas: conspicuous consumption, cultural branding, sustainability. 



I have experience in teaching a variety of subjects at MBA, MSc, UG and Executive Education levels. 

Business to Business Marketing (MSc Marketing)

Managing International Marketing Communications Brands and Relationships (MBA) Managing Value Creation Processes from Idea to Market (MBA)

Introduction to Marketing (BA Management Studies)

Consumer Research (BA Management Studies)

Marketing Design and Operations (MBA)

Marketing Strategy and Innovation (MSc Marketing)

Marketing Management Practice (MSc Marketing) 


Press and media

Sustainable consumption and production

Cultural branding

Water resources

Marketing Theory


Patsiaouras G. and Fitchett J. (2012) The evolution of conspicuous consumption. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. 4(1) pp. 154-176 (Emerald - JHRM Literati award for most outstanding article for the 2013 publication year).

June 2019 Patsiaouras G Veneti A. and Green W. Tear gas visual brands and opposition: anexploratory study on the use of visual branding techniques by the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. Academy of Marketing Conference Regents University London 2-4 July. (Best Overall Academy of Marketing Conference Paper). "


"July 2023, Patsiaouras, G., (2023) Turning the invisible to visible: exploring consumers’ perceptions and strategies towards sustainable water consumption. Academy of Marketing Conference, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, 3-5 July 2023.

June 2022, Mollesworth, M., Grigore, G., Patsiaouras, G., and Mouhafim, M., Worksumption: What Lockdowns tells us about Work-and-Spend Lives. Interpretive Consumer Research Conference, Liverpool School of Management, 9-10 June, 

July 2018 Lai C Davies A. and Patsiaouras G. “Tutor Queens and Kings in the Hong Kong shadow education sector: a qualitative study on the creation and promotion of celebrity tutors” Poster Presentation at the Consumer Culture Theory Conference Odense Denmark 2-6 July.

July 2016 Patsiaouras G. Davies A. and Fitchett J. ‘Fault’ genes and false needs?: a critical review on the use of technology for the marketing of genetic data. 41st Annual Macromarketing Conference Dublin Trinity College 13-15 July 2016

July 2015 Patsiaouras G. 'Fault' genes and false needs: An exploratory study on the marketing of personalized medicine and genetic data. Academy of Marketing Conference The Magic in Marketing University of Limerick Ireland. "


I am a Fellow of Higher Education
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