Dr Tania Arrieta

Teaching Fellow in Work and Employment


I hold an MSc in finance from the University of Leicester and undertook a PhD in austerity and the political economy of the UK at the University of Leicester from 2017 to 2021. Whilst being a PhD student I worked as a Research Assistant in different projects, such as in the Global Challenges programme at the University of Warwick and in the REBOUND project at De Montfort University. I also led the module in employment relations for the NAVITAS programme at the University of Leicester in 2020. 


My research focuses on the restructuring that the public sector in the UK went through during the austerity years (from 2010 to 2019) and how it affected the working conditions of public sector workers, the provision of public services, and the sustainability of the public sector.

My current work aims to assess the sustainability of a number of local authorities in England and their ability to cope during the Covid-19 pandemic, extending a chapter from my PhD on the financial sustainability of the public sector. Alongside this project, I also plan to produce other publications based on my PhD findings. This includes a systematic literature review of the public employment relationship in the UK.

My research interests are in the areas of economic and social policy, the precarity of the labour market, the changing nature of the public sector, and the political economy of the UK.



Arrieta, T. (forthcoming) 'An assessment of the resilience of local government in England: was it well-equipped to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic? Political Quarterly. 

Arrieta, T. (2022) 'Austerity in the UK and its legacy: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic', Economic and Labour Relations Review, 33(2), 238-255. doi: 10.1177/10353046221083051

Arrieta-Hernandez, T. (2021) 'The Consequences of the Austerity Policies for Public Services in the UK', Studies in Social Justice, 15(3): 518-537.  doi: 10.26522/ssj.v15i3.2568

Other academic outputs:

Arrieta-Hernandez, T. (2021) Challenges to solidaristic federalism in Mexico [Blog], Social Policy Association. London: UK. 



I am interested in supervising undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in topics related to the changing landscape of work, precarious working conditions, and working practices in public services.


• Labour Market Trends and Debates

• International Business

• Managing Human Resources in a Business Context

• Introduction to Employment Relations 


'The role of local authorities in England in building more sustainable and resilient communities' - Towards the "post-pandemic" city? Centre for Urban Research on Austerity, De Montfort University, June 2022. 

‘Re-skilling for post-covid-19 recovery: Evidence from minority African and Caribbean micro-business owners in the United Kingdom’ - Africa Nazarene University (ANU) Virtual Conference, October 2021.

‘Austerity and its impact upon public services in the UK: An analytic narrative approach’ - 2nd International Academic Conference on Research in Social Science (IACRSS) Madrid Spain, October 2020.

‘Austerity policies and the sustainability of the public sector’ - East Midlands Doctoral Network Conference Leicester UK, September 2020.

‘Austerity policies in the UK and its impact upon public services’ - Social Policy Association Doctoral Event London UK, July 2020. 

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