School of Business

Non-profit Institutions

Co-leads: Dr Tania Arrieta and Dr Wen Wang

The research grouping on non-profit institutions will focus on the development and dissemination of knowledge related to the changing nature of not-for-profit organisations, the challenges they face, opportunities for the improvement, and implications for workers (including employees and volunteers). Our research will not only focus on the assessment of recent events but also understand how ongoing restructuring driven by business like transformation has shaped these institutions’ practices and unintended consequences. We expect to work with a range of stakeholders, including Government Departments (e.g., Cabinet Office, DWP, local government, the NHS, social care, and police services), the third sector and social enterprises through collaborations and scholarly activities, as well as other institutions such as Trade Unions and the Chamber of Commerce. 



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Selected events

  • Participation in the Festival of Science (FoSs) 2023-24 with our project ‘You Need to See This: Realities of Public Service Work Today’. Project funded by the ESCR Impact Accelerator Account.
  • Two knowledge-exchange events with medical doctors in November 2023 and February 2024 (Funded by the British Academy).
  • One Policy Dialogue Day with Senior Leaders from NHS Trusts, Health Education England, GMC, etc. This event will be in Aril/May in 2024 (Funded by IAA ESRC).

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