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Lead: Dr Richard Suen

The ULSB Macroeconomics Research Group is a diverse group of scholars with strong commitment to research. Our members have a well-established record of publishing both theoretical and quantitative studies in high quality international journals. Our research covers a wide range of topics, such as economic growth, income and wealth inequality, international trade and innovation, social and cultural aspects of economic development, search and matching in the labour market, unemployment insurance and household economics. The purpose of the research group is to foster a vibrant research culture and to provide support to junior colleagues.


Selected publications

Denderski, P., and Stoltenberg, C. (2023) “On the Existence of Private Unemployment Insurance with Advance Information on Future Job Losses” Journal of Public Economics, vol. 224. Article 104946.

Denderski, P. and FiertPaczos, W. (2021) “Foreign Banks and the Bank Lending Channel,” Economic Inquiry, vol. 59, pp. 478-493

Denderski, P., and Stoltenberg, C. (2020) “Risk Sharing with Private and Public Information” Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 186. Article 104988.

Impullitti, G., Licandro, O., and Rendahl, P. (2022) "Technology, market structure and the gains from trade," Journal of International Economics, vol. 135(C), Article 103557.

Impullitti, G., and Licandro, O. (2018) "Trade, Firm Selection and Innovation: The Competition Channel," Economic Journal, vol. 128, pp. 189-229

Wang, W., and Suen, R. M. H. (2019) “Diversity and Economic Performance in a Model with Progressive Taxation,” Economic Journal, vol. 129, pp. 2949–2977.

Tse, C.Y., and Xu, Y., (2021) “Inter-dealer trades in OTC markets – Who buys and who sells?” Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 39, pp. 220-257

Varvarigos, D. (2023) "Cultural persistence in corruption, economic growth, and the environment,” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 147, Article 104590

Varvarigos, D., and Stathopoulou, E. (2023). “On the relation between corruption and market competition,” Economic Inquiry, vol. 61, pp. 99-121.

Varvarigos, D. (2021). “Upstream intergenerational transfers in economic development: The role of family ties and their cultural transmission,” Journal of Mathematical Economics, vol. 96, Article 102514.

Varvarigos, D. (2020). “Cultural transmission, education-promoting attitudes, and economic development,” Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 37, pp. 173-194.

Wilemme, G. (2021) "Optimal Taxation to Correct Job Mismatching", Review of Economic Dynamics. Vol. 40, pp. 170-197.


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