School of Business

Industrial Organisation

Lead: Dr Subir Bose

This research group will focus on research that deals with modelling the decision-making behaviour of individuals and firms, and its foundations in economic theory.

Members of this group will work on the development of models to describe the strategic behaviour of individual and firms, and on topics such as information economics, industrial economics and game theory.

The purposes of the group will also be to help mentor junior colleagues who wish to work in this field; to provide an intellectual powerhouse for those colleagues who, despite being primarily associated with other groups, carry out research based on models at a firm/individual level; and to foster a culture of research-driven teaching.


Selected publications

Gender effects in the battle of the sexes: A tale of two countries Fabrizio Adriani, M. Pompeo and S. Sonderegger) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming.

(2021) Social distance, speed of containment and crowding in/out in a network model of contagion Fabrizio Adriani and Dan Ladley Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 190: 597-625. (supplementary material).

(2019) "A Theory of Esteem Based Peer Pressure" Fabrizio Adriani and S. Sonderegger Games and Economic Behavior, 314-335.

(2023) “Eliciting Second Order Beliefs” Subir Bose and Arup Daripa Journal of Mathematical Economics,

(2023) “Eliciting Ambiguous Beliefs using Constructed Ambiguous Acts: Alpha-MaxminSubir Bose and Arup Daripa, Journal of Mathematical Economics,

Manipulation through Biased Product Reviews Levent Celik, Kemal Kıvanç Aköz and Cemal Eren Arbatlı), Journal of Industrial Economics, Dec. 2020

Fast-Track Authority: A Hold-up Interpretation Levent Celik, Bilgehan Karabay and John McLaren), Journal of International Economics, Nov. 2020 

“Dual Sourcing with Price Discovery”, Matthias Dahm and J Alcalde, Games and Economic Behavior, 2019

“Credence Goods, Costly Diagnosis, and Subjective Evaluation”, Matthias Dahm and H Bester, Economic Journal, 2018

“The Enforcement of Mandatory Disclosure Rules”, Matthias Dahm, P Gonza¡lez and N Porteiro, Journal of Public Economics, 2018

“Affirmative Action Through Extra Prizes”, Matthias Dahm and P Esteve-Gonza¡lez, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2018

“Learning versus habit formation: Optimal timing of lockdown for disease containment”, Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Kalyan Chatterjee, Kaustav Das and Jaideep Roy, 2021 Journal of Mathematical Economics, Special issue on the economics of epidemics and emerging diseases,

“Strategic Experimentation with Asymmetric Players”, Kaustav Das, Nicolas Klein and Katharina Schmid, 2020 Economic Theory,

“Regulating Data Privacy and Cybersecurity”, Jacob Seifert and W. Lam, Journal of Industrial Economics 2023, 71(1), 143-175

“Cartel Leniency and Settlements: A Joint Perspective”, Jacob Seifert and P. Dijkstra, Review of Industrial Organization, 2023, 63, 239-273

“Patent protection for complex technologies”, Vincenzo Denicolo and Piercarlo Zanchettin, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2022, 81,

"The demand-boost theory of exclusive deadling", Giacomo Calzolari, Vincenzo Denicolo and Piercarlo Zanchettin, The RAND Journal of Economics 2020, 53, 713-738

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