Dr Fabrizio Adriani

Associate Professor in Economics and Financial Economics


Dr Adriani’s research focuses on a game theoretic approach to social norms, modelling the interactions between people under a set of specified rules. Dr Adriani uses game theory to explore how and why certain norms can be sustained and the conditions that can lead to different norms emerging or disappearing.

During the COVID-19 outbreak Dr Adriani has developed a network model of contagion. He is studying the effects of the interventions that aim to identify and contain outbreaks, such as mass testing and contact tracing. These interventions lead to a fall in the risk of infection, which people respond to by reducing social distance. If these interventions rely on infrequent or inaccurate testing, this may reduce the effectiveness of the intervention, allowing the risk of infection to increase again.

Dr Adriani’s research shows the difference that intervention has on an individual’s efforts at social distancing and the effect of the speed of the intervention, the structure of people’s social networks and the prevailing social norms.

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