School of Business

Contemporary Entrepreneurship at the Organisation

Co-leads: Dr Boyka Simeonova and Dr Francis Donbesuur

The Contemporary Entrepreneurship at the Organisation (CEO) Group aims to explore and understand issues of contemporary entrepreneurship within the boundaries of organisations. The research areas encompass strategic entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship and marketing, innovation, digitalisation, and challenges provided by the current Digital Economy as well as recent Grand Challenges and SDGs. Integrating academic and industry experiences, Group members will explore and research these issues at organisational and individual levels in different organisational and country contexts, including but not limited to family firms, SMEs, MNCs, developed and developing economies.


Selected publications

Lu, J. and Dimov, D., 2023. A system dynamics modelling of entrepreneurship and growth within firms. Journal of Business Venturing

Hughes, M., Hughes, P., Hodgkinson, I., Chang, Y. Y., & Chang, C. Y. (2022). Knowledge‐based theory, entrepreneurial orientation, stakeholder engagement, and firm performance. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

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Zahoor, N., Khan, H., Donbesuur, F., Khan, Z., & Rajwani, T. (2023). Grand Challenges and Emerging Market SMEs: The Role of Strategic Agility and Gender Diversity. Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Bouguerra, A., Hughes, M., Rodgers, P., Stokes, P., & Tatoglu, E. (2023). Confronting the grand challenge of environmental sustainability within supply chains: How can organizational strategic agility drive environmental innovation? Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Gasparin, M., Quinn, M., Green, W., Saren, M. & Conway, S. (2022). Stories of Value: Business Model Innovation Adding Value Propositions articulated by Slow Storytelling, Journal of Business Research.

Crick, J.M., Crick, D., & Ferrigno, G. (2023). Coopetition and the marketing/entrepreneurship interface in an international arena. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research.

Issah, W., Anwar, M., Clauss, T. & Kraus, S. (2023). Managerial Capabilities and Strategic Renewal in Family firms in Crisis Situations: A Generational View. Journal of Business Research.

Sadeghi, A., Aliasghar, O., & Bouguerra, A. (2023). Unpacking the relationship between post-entry speed of internationalization and export performance of SMEs: A capability-building perspective. Journal of International Management


  • Research seminars
  • Paper writing workshops
  • Peer reviews and revisions workshops
  • Grant application writing workshops
  • Paper development workshops
  • External engagement activities (with businesses and other stakeholders)


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