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Our impact

Impact is a vital part of ULSB’s activities. ULSB researchers engage with, help, support and train businesses, small and large, national and local governments, central banks, charities, non-governmental organisations, community groups and social movements in Britain and the rest of the world, making a real difference to people’s lives. 

In doing so, our researchers are addressing contemporary challenges such as sovereign debt crises, modern slavery, working conditions in the digital economy, preventable deaths, women’s reproductive health, mental health, poverty and exclusion, gender inequality, domestic violence, volunteer engagement and many more. 

Our impact work supports our close relationships with a diverse range of partners, who benefit from expertise in our excellent business, management and economics research.

We are proud to foster a supportive impact culture in the School of Business, encouraging engagement and application of research to affect change. 

Below a selection of our current impact projects

Understanding mental health  Professor John Cromby
Influencing central bank policies    Professor Panicos Demetriades   
Making tourism work for poverty alleviation     Dr Fabian Frenzel
Improving patient safety  Professor William Green
Working better with volunteers Professor Anne-marie Greene
Making UK fashion more ethical  Dr Nikolaus Hammer
Helping police to respond to domestic violence     Dr Reka Plugor
Improving primary health care in Bangladesh          Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett
Wellbeing in the accounting profession Dr Christiana Tsaousi

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