School of Business


Research at ULSB makes a distinct and positive contribution in the world by offering insights from all angles, inclusive of a broad range of perspectives within business, management and economics. Research and impact activities are driven by a strong sense of social purpose, with a commitment to ask challenging questions and develop engaged, creative and socially responsible approaches to address contemporary challenges.

At the heart of our research strategy is the bottom-up development of research, giving academics autonomy and control over their capacity for creativity and innovation.

Our research coalesces around three clusters and a number of research groups. These are:



Economics, Finance and Accounting

Marketing, Innovation, Strategy and Operations

Work, Employment, Management and Organisations

The research clusters and groups act as a stimulating and supportive environment for academic staff and postgraduate research students. The interdisciplinary approach of much of our research allows a number of our staff and students to engage with more than one cluster and grouping, with all belonging to at least one. The clusters and groups facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinarity, promote and disseminate research and provide support to individuals.

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