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Well-being, Performance and Justice

The Well-being, Performance and Justice (WPJ) research cluster aims to contribute to issues across the social sciences, as well as beyond, through its work on health and well-being, effectiveness, and fairness and equality in workplaces.

The WPJ cluster is  a lynchpin, locally and nationally, for generating and disseminating impactful research that contributes to innovations in organizational and working practices. Core projects will involve the integration of the three concepts in the cluster's title and their intersections.

Members of the WPJ are from diverse research traditions and their current research includes:

  • effective and ethical leadership
  • performance and productivity
  • diversity, fairness and (in)equality
  • technology well-being and performance
  • work–life balance
  • remote working
  • trust and justice at work
  • gender and minority groups
  • selection and retention
  • reward systems
  • individual and team resilience
  • attendance behaviour
  • organisational interventions

Four principles guide our work, which are to encourage:

  1. diversity in perspectives and expertise;
  2. co-creation and co-delivery of research through engagement with external partners;
  3. high impact scholarship on big issues with innovative implications for policy and practices, and;
  4. a supportive environment for teamworking and capacity-building of research skills.

We aim, through a combination of selecting topical issues, mixed research methods, engagement with practitioners, and fusion of the talents and knowledge of its members across a range of disciplines, to generate meaningful and long-lasting impact in both academic and policy circles. 


Cluster Director: Professor Maria Karanika-Murray

Cluster Co-Directors: Professor Stephen Wood and Professor Ana Cristina Costa 

Professor Paul Almond      Law
Dr Sally-Anne Barnes  Work, Employment, Management and Organisations
Dr John Barratt Psychology
Dr David Bartram  Media, Communication and Sociology
Professor Sara Connolly Work, Employment, Management and Organisations
Professor Charlotte Edwardson      Population Health Sciences
Professor Matt Flynn  Work, Employment, Management and Organisations      
Dr Godbless Akaighe  Work, Employment, Management and Organisations
Dr Gemma Hughes Work, Employment, Management and Organisations
Professor John Maltby  Psychology
Professor Gregory Maniatopoulos          Work, Employment, Management and Organisations
Professor Sarah Park Marketing, Innovation, Strategy and Operations
Elizabeth Robinson  Work, Employment, Management and Organisations
Dr Lisa Rodgers  Law
Dr Catherine Steele  Psychology
Professor Fabio Tufano  Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dr Wen Wang Work, Employment, Management and Organisations



Professor Maria Karanika-Murray    
Professor Stephen Wood
Professor Ana Cristina Costa

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