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Lisa Rodgers

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I teach undergraduate and postgraduate Labour Law and I am Deputy Director of the DL LLM Employment Law course.

I joined the University of Leicester as a lecturer in law in 2013 prior to which I taught law at Birmingham City University. 


My research is in international and European labour law and the conjunction between labour law and legal theory. I have a particular interest in the application of vulnerability theory to labour law and I am currently investigating the interaction between health and safety and labour law in the coronavirus pandemic and I am also writing a book on Labour Law and Social Justice.


L Rodgers, The ILO, Social Contracts and the Human-Centred Approach to Work (2021) Kings Law Journal.. Published online 27 July 2021.

L Rodgers (forthcoming) Re-imagining state responsibility for workers following COVID-19: a vulnerability approach International Journal of Discrimination and the Law Special Issue. Published online 21 July 2021.

L Rodgers FCO v Bamieh and the Personal Liability of Co-workers in the Context of Whistleblowing (2020) 49 (3) Industrial Law Journal 412-429.

Rodgers, L. 'Recognising the Person at Work: the Case for a Relational Approach to Autonomy' In: The Value of Work and its Rules between Innovation and Tradition (ADAPT 2020)

L Rodgers, UbÃrisation du travail - dÃveloppements de cas au Royaume-Uni (2019) 2019/2 Revue de droit comparà du travail et de la sÃcurità sociale 48-60

L Rodgers, Theorising labour law in the state of exception: political and judicial responses to crisis in A Blackham, M Kullman and A Zybszewska Theorising Labour Law in a Changing World: Towards Inclusive Labour Law (Hart 2019) 37-53

L Rodgers, Labour Law and Vulnerability in D Bedford and J Herring (eds) Embracing Vulnerability: The Implications and Challenges for Law (Routledge 2019)

L Rodgers, 'State Immunity and Employment Relationships before the European Court of Human Rights' (2018) ERA Forum.

L Rodgers, the Operation of Labour Law as the Exception: the case of Public Procurement in A Sanchez-Graells (eds) Smart Public Procurement and Labour Standards: Pushing the Discussion after Regiopost (Hart Publishing 2018) 141-163

L Rodgers, 'The Inviolability of Diplomatic Agents in the Context of Employment' in P Behrens (ed) Diplomatic Law in a New Millenium (OUP 2017) 113-131


I am happy to supervise doctoral projects in my field of interest particularly European/International labour law and labour law theory. Current supervision The legal structure of temporary migrant worker programmes in Asia and implications for low-wage migrant workers’ rights Arwen Joyce Using the Holistic and Capabilities Approaches in the Strategic Interpretation of the Right to Health in Kenya: A Case Study of the Psychosocial Working Conditions of Healthcare Workers in the Public Sector Naomi Njuguna Historic Criminal Convictions - Storage and Usage Are they an indelible stain? What barriers do they present to employment? Paul Taylor To what extent does UK labour law prevent and tackle mental health? Sari Brice


LLB Employment Law LLM Employment Law by distance learning

Press and media

I would be happy to be contacted about any aspect of UK or international labour law health and safety law and labour law in the pandemic.
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