Dr Lisa Rodgers

Associate Professor of Law

Lisa Rodgers

School/Department: Leicester Law School

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2331



I teach undergraduate and postgraduate Labour Law and I am Deputy Director of the DL LLM Employment Law course.

I joined the University of Leicester as a lecturer in law in 2013 prior to which I taught law at Birmingham City University. 


My research is in international and European labour law and the conjunction between labour law and legal theory and I have a particular interest in the application of vulnerability theory to labour law.

My current project is investigating how 'personhood' is conceptualised in labour law. I have a book on this topic coming out in summer 2024: L Rodgers, Labour Law and the Person (BUP 2024). 



L Rodgers Labour Law and the Person (BUP 2024) forthcoming

L Rodgers, The ILO, Social Contracts and the Human-Centred Approach to Work (2021) Kings Law Journal.. Published online 27 July 2021.

L Rodgers (forthcoming) Re-imagining state responsibility for workers following COVID-19: a vulnerability approach International Journal of Discrimination and the Law Special Issue. Published online 21 July 2021.

L Rodgers FCO v Bamieh and the Personal Liability of Co-workers in the Context of Whistleblowing (2020) 49 (3) Industrial Law Journal 412-429.

Rodgers, L. 'Recognising the Person at Work: the Case for a Relational Approach to Autonomy' In: The Value of Work and its Rules between Innovation and Tradition (ADAPT 2020)

L Rodgers, UbÃrisation du travail - dÃveloppements de cas au Royaume-Uni (2019) 2019/2 Revue de droit comparà du travail et de la sÃcurità sociale 48-60

L Rodgers, Theorising labour law in the state of exception: political and judicial responses to crisis in A Blackham, M Kullman and A Zybszewska Theorising Labour Law in a Changing World: Towards Inclusive Labour Law (Hart 2019) 37-53

L Rodgers, Labour Law and Vulnerability in D Bedford and J Herring (eds) Embracing Vulnerability: The Implications and Challenges for Law (Routledge 2019)

L Rodgers, 'State Immunity and Employment Relationships before the European Court of Human Rights' (2018) ERA Forum.

L Rodgers, the Operation of Labour Law as the Exception: the case of Public Procurement in A Sanchez-Graells (eds) Smart Public Procurement and Labour Standards: Pushing the Discussion after Regiopost (Hart Publishing 2018) 141-163

L Rodgers, 'The Inviolability of Diplomatic Agents in the Context of Employment' in P Behrens (ed) Diplomatic Law in a New Millenium (OUP 2017) 113-131


I am happy to supervise doctoral projects in my field of interest particularly European/International labour law and labour law theory.

Projects supervised:

  • The legal structure of temporary migrant worker programmes in Asia and implications for low-wage migrant workers’ rights Arwen Joyce
  • Using the Holistic and Capabilities Approaches in the Strategic Interpretation of the Right to Health in Kenya: A Case Study of the Psychosocial Working Conditions of Healthcare Workers in the Public Sector Naomi Njuguna
  • Historic Criminal Convictions - Storage and Usage Are they an indelible stain? What barriers do they present to employment? Paul Taylor
  • To what extent does UK labour law prevent and tackle mental health? Sari Brice


LLB Employment Law LLM Employment Law by distance learning

Press and media

I would be happy to be contacted about any aspect of UK or international labour law health and safety law and labour law in the pandemic.
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