School of Business

WPJ PhD Supervision

We are open to supervising research on topics related to or the intersections of well-being, performance, and justice, covering work, individuals, and organisations. We use a range of methodologies, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.

Some example research topics include:

  • Collective and individual performance-related pay (Wood)
  • Home working, uncertainty, and well-being (Wood)
  • The nature of high involvement management (Wood)
  • Family-friendly management (Wood)
  • Work-non-work conflict (Wood)
  • Employee appraisal (Wood)
  • Teamworking amongst software engineers (Wood)
  • Health management (Wood)
  • Staff morale in mental health in-patient care (Wood)
  • Discrimination and aggression at work (Wood)
  • The role of personality in relation to job performance and job satisfaction (Barratt)
  • Inequality, equity, and meritocracy (Bartram; Karanika-Murray)
  • Factors influencing well-being at work (Barratt)
  • Developing bespoke selection and performance assessments (Barratt)
  • International migration (Bartram)
  • Subjective well-being, happiness, life-satisfaction (Bartram)
  • International migration (Bartram)
  • Entrepreneurial wellbeing and careers (Park)
  • International entrepreneurship (Park)
  • Trust in organisations (Costa)
  • Applicant perspectives to digital technologies in selection (Costa)
  • The interrelationship between well-being and performance (Karanika-Murray)
  • Organisational maturity (Karanika-Murray)
  • Ageing and work (Karanika-Murray)
  • Organisational health interventions - implementation and evaluation (Karanika-Murray)
  • Relationships between health and social care policy, practice and lived experience (Hughes)
  • How patients and professionals navigate and negotiate healthcare (Hughes)
  • Digital health (Hughes)
  • Reducing sitting time and increasing physical activity (Edwardson)
  • Impact of behaviour change of health, well-being and work-related and performance outcomes (Edwardson)

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