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Stephen Wood, Professor of Management at the University of Leicester School of Business, has extensive research in Work Psychology and Employee Relations. He is driving forward the latest thinking in the implications of well-being on performance, covering a range of topics including stress, presenteeism and absenteeism, job insecurity and homeworking.

Due to the social distancing and lockdown approaches of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are now working from home and having to adapt to new ways of working to maintain their health while meeting the needs of their employers. Professor Wood’s research in this area can guide companies in supporting their employees.

Many of the generic factors that cause stress at work, such as high demands, low autonomy and inadequate support and social interaction apply to homeworking and working in crises. Homeworking can intensify these issues so it is vital for employers to consider how to keep demands realistic, ensure their staff have autonomy and above all else think of the ways people can be supported with the right equipment and substitutes for face-to-face contact.

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Current research includes a comparison of collective and individual performance-related pay using agent-based modelling (funded by Leverhulme Trust) and home working, uncertainty, and well-being in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recent research includes the nature of high involvement management, its determinants and impact on well-being and organisational performance; family-friendly management, its nature, predictors of use and performance effects; work-non-work conflict; employee appraisal; teamworking amongst software engineers; health management; staff morale in mental health in-patient care; discrimination and aggression at work; job design; home working.


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