School of Business

Education and Work Transitions

Lead: Dr Reka Plugor

Co-lead: Dr Sally-Anne Barnes

The Education and Work Transitions Research group focuses on the development of knowledge through research and collaboration on the transitions into, through and out of education and work. The emphasis is on the processes involved in education and work transitions, support and guidance mechanisms, as well as the experiences of those engaged in the transitions and the range of stakeholders involved in those transitions. Key stakeholders include educational institutions, career guidance and employment services, employers, policy makers and so on. Through the research group’s range of expertise and research interests, our work takes a lifelong perspective with an interest in those at different stages of their learning and work careers.

The aim of the Education and Work Transitions Research group is to create a collaborative space in which to undertake research and scholarship in this field. The group will engage in generating and disseminating research through academic, practitioner and policy events and conferences. The group will share ideas, knowledge and networks via monthly meetings in order to build and expand our expertise. Our aims are to create impactful research to both inform policy and practice, and to inform those delivering support and services to those transitioning.


Selected publications

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