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Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship

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I am an Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Leicester and an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurial Marketing at the University of Ottawa. Prior to these roles, I have held faculty positions at different universities in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Through these positions, I have been actively involved with a range of research, teaching, and administrative duties. Most recently, while at Loughborough University, I established and led the Wine Business Research Interest Group - which was comprised of 79 academics, practitioners, and PhD students from various countries.

I hold a BCom with a major in International Business and a minor in Management from Victoria University of Wellington, an MBS in Management from Massey University, a PhD in Entrepreneurial Marketing from Loughborough University, alongside a FHEA qualification in Entrepreneurial Marketing from Loughborough University. 


My research interests are positioned at the marketing/entrepreneurship interface (also known as entrepreneurial marketing). My specific research areas include entrepreneurs’ internationalisation activities, collaborative strategies (e.g., coopetition and value co-creation), firms managing a market orientation and an entrepreneurial orientation, and owner-managers’ dynamic and evolving business models.

I have published in various “high-quality” journals, like Industrial Marketing Management, the Journal of Business Research, the International Marketing Review, the Journal of Rural Studies, the Journal of International Marketing, the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, and several more. I have written other research outputs (book chapters and viewpoints, conference papers, magazine articles, and practitioner-oriented reports).

I have generated (and/or have been part of research teams that have secured) a total of over £920,000 worth of research funding. Plus, I am an Associate Editor of the Journal of Strategic Marketing - which I undertake alongside other editorial board duties and ad-hoc reviewing for numerous journals. 



Several of my recent publications are outlined as follows. My Google Scholar page displays my wider published work.

  1. Crick, J.M., Karami, M., and Crick, D. (2022). Is it enough to be market-oriented? How coopetition and industry experience affect the relationship between a market orientation and customer satisfaction performance. Industrial Marketing Management, 100(1), pp. 62-75 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A*).
  2. Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2022). Coopetition and international entrepreneurship: The influence of a competitor orientation. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 28(3), pp. 801-828 (ABS: 3; ABDC: B).
  3. Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2021). Rising up to the challenge of our rivals: Unpacking the drivers and outcomes of coopetition activities. Industrial Marketing Management, 96(1), pp. 71-85 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A*).
  4. Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2021). Coopetition and family-owned wine producers. Journal of Business Research, 135(1), pp. 319-336 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  5. Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2021). The yin and yang nature of coopetition activities: Non-linear effects and the moderating role of competitive intensity for internationalised firms. International Marketing Review, 38(4), pp. 690-716 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  6. Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2021). Coopetition and sales performance: Evidence from non-mainstream sporting clubs. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 27(1), pp. 123-147 (ABS: 3; ABDC: B).
  7. Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2021). Internationalizing the coopetition construct: Quadratic effects on financial performance under different degrees of export intensity and an export geographical scope. Journal of International Marketing, 29(2), pp. 62-80 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  8. Crick, J.M., Crick, D., and Chaudhry, S. (2020). Entrepreneurial marketing decision-making in rapidly-internationalising and de-internationalising start-up firms. Journal of Business Research, 113(1), pp. 158-167 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A).
  9. Crick, J.M., and Crick, D. (2020). Coopetition and COVID-19: Collaborative business-to-business marketing strategies in a pandemic crisis. Industrial Marketing Management, 88(1), pp. 206-213 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A*).
  10. Crick, J.M., Crick, D., and Tebbett, N. (2020). Competitor orientation and value co-creation in sustaining rural New Zealand wine producers. Journal of Rural Studies, 73(1), pp. 122-134 (ABS: 3; ABDC: A).


Alongside teaching several modules, I have supervised projects, dissertations, and theses at a variety of levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, executive education, and doctoral). I am interested in supervising “high-calibre” students in the broader area of entrepreneurial marketing, including (but not limited to) coopetition strategies, internationalisation activities, and the interplay between a market orientation and an entrepreneurial orientation.

Moreover, I am keen on supervising “high-level” students with different methodological focuses (quantitative and/or qualitative research designs). Please contact me to explore any of these potential topics in more depth. 


At the University of Leicester, I currently teach a module called Consultancy Challenge (undergraduate). I have also taught components of certain postgraduate modules. Additionally, I deliver classes as part of my Adjunct Professor role at the University of Ottawa. In the past, I have taught various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral modules.

Press and media

As my core research areas surround entrepreneurial marketing, I am happy to be contacted about issues, such as organisations (small and large) collaborating with their competitors, entrepreneurs’ internationalisation strategies, and owner-managers pivoting their business models to respond to changes within their sectors.


I am a full-member of the Academy of Marketing, the British Academy of Management, and the Academy of Marketing Science (as well as a variety of more specialist academic bodies). Additionally, I regularly attend domestic and international events in the area of entrepreneurial marketing. This extends to me being affiliated with various research centres, academic conferences, and beyond in my field.


As some illustrations of my academic awards and prizes, in 2017, I won the “Best Doctoral Paper Award” at the Academy of Marketing Conference (hosted by the University of Hull). In 2019, I won the “Dean’s Award for Early Career Researcher of the Year” in the School of Business and Economics (at Loughborough University). In 2019, I won the best paper in the Business-to-Business Marketing Track at the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (hosted by Victoria University of Wellington). In 2020, I won the best paper in the Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Track at the International Conference on Marketing Strategy and Policy Research (hosted by Newcastle University, but was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

In 2021, my co-authored paper in Industrial Marketing Management won the “Outstanding Article Award”, namely, the best paper published in this outlet between 2016 and 2020. This article focused on how firms (small and large) have implementing coopetition strategies to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. This article was downloaded 20,706 times in approximately seven months (with thousands more downloads after the award was presented). 

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