Dr Georgiana Grigore

Associate Professor in Marketing

School/Department: Business, School of



I joined the University of Leicester School of Business in June 2020 as Associate Professor in Marketing and lead for the Consumption, Markets and Society research group. I previously held positions at Henley Business School where I was Director of Studies, and at Bournemouth University where I was Programme Leader for a large Marketing Communications UG degree. I am also a chair of an annual international conference in Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainability, which I co-founded in 2012. This annual conference has been hosted at universities across Europe, fostering a strong international professional and academic network.

I have previously worked with practitioners and academics across Europe on consultancy and research in corporate responsibility and marketing, and I have published journal articles, books, and conference papers in these fields, including in Journal of Business Ethics, Marketing Theory, Organization, Journal of Business Research and Internet Research. My doctoral thesis used relationship-marketing theory to examine the impact of corporate social responsibility on stakeholders.


My main area of research is at the intersection of marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) concepts and practices, including changes that result from digital media. More specifically, my publications focus on: (a) CSR, including new corporate responsibilities in the digital economy, (b) digital aspects of marketing (i.e., crowdfunding in the creative industries, digital technology paradoxes, tribal entrepreneurship, prosumption), and (c) applications of psychoanalytic theories to market systems and relationships (i.e., Transactional Analysis and the market). I have published journal articles, books, and conference papers in these fields, including in Journal of Business Ethics, Marketing Theory, Organization, Journal of Business Research and Internet Research.

I am an editor of a book series titled Palgrave Studies in Governance, Leadership and Responsibility where I review book proposals and manage editing processes.

My research received external funding, including from the British Academy/Leverhulme (2017/2019) and the Arthur W. Page Center (in two consecutive years, 2014/2015 and 2015/2016).


(0) Grigore, G., Molesworth, M., Vontea, A., Basnawi, A., Celep, O., & Jesudoss, S.P. (2021). Corporate Social Responsibility in Liquid Times: The Case of Romania. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-20

Grigore, G., Molesworth, M., Miles, C., & Glozer, S. (2021). (Un)Resolving digital technology paradoxes through the rhetoric of balance. Organization, 28(1), 186-207

Grigore, G., Molesworth, M., Vontea, A., Basnawi, A., Celep, O., & Jesudoss, S.P. (2020). Drama and Discounting in the Relational Dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-24.

Imran, A., Ali., M., Grigore, G., Molesworth, M., & Zhonghi, J. (2019). The moderating role of corporate reputation and employee-company identification on work-related outcomes of job insecurity resulting from workforce localization policies. Journal of Business Research, 117, 825-838

Husain, S., Molesworth, M., & Grigore, G. (2019). 'I once wore an Angry Bird T-shirt and went to read Qur'an': Asymmetrical institutional complexity and emerging consumption practices in Pakistan. Marketing Theory, 19(3), 367-390.

Molesworth, M., & Grigore, G. (2019). Scripts people live in the marketplace: An application of Script Analysis to Confessions of a Shopaholic. Marketing Theory, 19(4), 467-488.

Mardon, R., Molesworth, M., & Grigore, G. (2018). YouTube Beauty Gurus and the emotional labour of tribal entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Research, 92, 443-454.

Molesworth, M., Grigore, G., & Jenkins, R. (2017). Games people play with brands: An application of Transactional Analysis to marketplace relationships. Marketing Theory, 18(1), pp. 121-146.

Grigore, G., Molesworth, M., & Watkins, R. (2017). New corporate responsibilities in the digital economy. In Corporate social responsibility in the post-financial crisis era (pp. 41-62). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Hobbs, J., Grigore, G., & Molesworth, M. (2016). Success in the Management of Crowfunding Projects in the Creative Industries. Internet Research, 26(1), 146-166.



I'm interested in working with PhD students in the following areas:
Corporate social responsibility, including new responsibilities in the digital economy
Digital aspects of marketing, including online communities, online content and engagement, or online platforms
Applications of psychoanalysis to anything related to examine markets or marketplace relationships


I'm Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. My experience involves module leadership or team-teaching, teaching to undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience levels, teaching across degrees, to small and large cohorts, and out-of-discipline modules (i.e., marketing communications to journalism students). Modules taught in previous years include marketing strategy, branding, relationship marketing, consumer culture and behaviour, corporate social responsibility, reputation, marketing communications, and public relations. I strive to design research-led sessions and to integrate industry experience in all modules. At ULSB, I teach on:
  • MN7702 Managing value creation processes from idea to market (MBA)
  • MN7008 Ethical foundations of international marketing (MSc)
  • MN3115 Business in the digital economy (UG)

Press and media

Corporate social responsibility
New responsibilities in the digital economy
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