Professor James Fitchett

Professor of Marketing and Consumption

School/Department: Business, School of

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I am Head of the Department of Marketing Innovation Strategy and Operations (MISO).


My research interests focus on marketing theory, cultural theory of markets and consumption, tourism and sustainability, the history of marketing thought, and the philosophy of marketing. I am an associate editor of Marketing Theory (Sage).


Cronin J, Fitchett J (2022) Consumer culture theory and its contented discontent: an interview with Soren Askegaard, Journal of Marketing Management

Fitchett J, Lindberg F, Martin D (2021) Accumulation by Symbolic Dispossession: Tourism Development in Advanced Capitalism, Annals of Tourism Research 86, 103072

Bradshaw A, Fitchett J, Hietanen J (2020) Dystopia and quarantined markets - an interview with James Fitchett, Consumption Markets & Culture, 24(6) 24:6, 517-525

Cronin, J. and Fitchett, J. (2020) Lunch of the last human: Nutritionally complete food and the fantasies of market-based progress, Marketing Theory, 21:1, 3-24.

Lindberg, F., Fitchett, J. and Martin, D. (2019) Investigating sustainable tourism heterogeneity: competing orders of worth among stakeholders of a Nordic destination, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 27:8, 1277-1294.

Patsiaouras, G., Fitchett, J., and Davies, A. (2016) Beyond the couch: Psychoanalytic consumer character readings into narcissism and denial, Marketing Theory,16:1,  57-73.

Davies, A. and Fitchett, J. (2015) In the family way: bringing a mother-daughter (matrilineal) perspective to retail innovation and consumer culture Environment and Planning A 47(3), 727 -743.

Fitchett, J., Patsiaouras, G. and Davies, A. (2015) Myth and ideology in consumer culture theory, Marketing Theory 14(4) 495-506.

Patsiaouras G, Saren M, Fitchett J. (2015) The Marketplace of Life? An Exploratory Study of the Commercialization of Water Resources through the Lens of Macromarketing, Journal of Macromarketing 35(1), 23-35.

Ostergaard P, Hermansen J, Fitchett J. (2015) Structures of brand and anti-brand meaning: A semiotic square analysis of reflexive consumption, Journal of Brand Management 22:1, 60-77.



Marketing Theory | Consumer Culture Theory | Psychoanalysis | Social Theory | Consumer Behaviour | Tourism Sustainability |


Programmes at University of Leicester School of Business:

MSc Marketing
BA Marketing

Modules at University of Leicester School of Business:

MN1030: Consumers, Brands and Digital Marketing
MN3025: BA Marketing Dissertation
MN7010: Marketing Management and Practice
MN7406: International Business
MN7020: MSc Marketing Dissertation

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