Dr Tania Oliveira

Associate Professor in Economics

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School/Department: Business, School of


Address: Mallard Building, 0.01 Brookfield


I joined the University in 2003 as a Teaching Fellow while I was finishing my PhD in Economics at The University of York which I completed in 2004. Currently I am an Associate Professor in Economics (teaching focused) and I have been involved in Learning and Teaching Leadership for over 10 years currently serving as Director of Teaching Excellence and Quality Assurance in the School of Business. In August 2022 I took on the role of Deputy Head of Department in the Economics, Finance and Accounting department


I am mostly interested in research in the area of the economics of education motivated by the will to study observable characteristics of the education sector. Topics of interest include: the debate about the public finance of higher education; the impact of peer effects on the quality of the education and on individual's labour market conditions; the relationship between education and inequality intergenerational mobility of human capital.

I am also interested in carrying out research in the related fields of labour economics public economics and economics of discrimination using microeconometric techniques and applied theory models. In general I am interested in studying microeconomics and individual choice behaviour.


Must try harder: evaluating the role off effort in educational attainment, with G de Fraja and L Zanchi, 2010, Review of Economics and Statistics, 92(3), 577-597 

Tuition fees and admission standards: how do private and public universities really compete for students?, University of Leicester Working Paper No 06/6, April 2006

Who pays the bill? Study costs and students' income in Portuguese higher education, with P. T. Pereira, European Journal Of Education, 1999, vol. 34 (1), pp. 111-121


Economics of education

Labour economics

Applied microeconometrics

Public economics

Economics of discrimination


EC3067 International Finance

EC2034 Economic History

Press and media

Economics of education

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