Dr Chris Grocott

Lecturer in Management and Economic History

School/Department: Business, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 223 1779



I am a Lecturer in Management and Economic History here at the University of Leicester School of Business. Before joining the School in April 2013, I had held appointments at Birmingham, De Montfort, and Lancaster universities. My research and teaching cross the disciplines of both management studies and history. In June 2015, I was awarded Chartered Manager status by the Chartered Management Institute, whilst in November 2015 I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. In 2013 my teaching was recognised by the award of a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Broadly, I am interested in the history of economic thought. My research brings together traditional archival approaches to history and combines them with theoretical insights derived from the social sciences.


My research focuses on the history of economic thought, from this perspective I have looked at the work of Friedrich Hayek; labour organisation in the British empire; and the history of British imperialism.  I am currently writing a monograph which examines the ways in which historical economic ideas manifest themselves in everyday life, affecting how we think of the economy and key issues facing society such as inequality and sustainability.





Grocott, C. & Stockey, J. (2012) Gibraltar: A Modern History.  (Cardiff: University of Wales Press).

Edited Collection

Grady, J. & Grocott, C. (eds.) (2019) The Continuing Imperialism of Free Trade: Developments, Trends, and the Role of Supranational Organisations.  (London: Routledge).


Grocott, C., Stockey, G, & Grady, J. (2018) Reformers and revolutionaries: the battle for the working classes in Gibraltar and its hinterland, 1902-1921, Labor History, Vol. 59 (6): 692-719.

Grocott, C., (2017) Friedrich Hayek's Fleeting Foray into 1940s Colonial Development, European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 24 (5): 1085-1106.

Grocott, C., Stockey, G, & Grady, J. (2015) Anarchy in the UK (Most Famous Fortress): Comradeship and Cupidity in Gibraltar and Neighbouring Spain 1890-1902, Labor History, 56 (4): 385-406.

Grocott, C. (2015) Compromising Liberty: Friedrich Hayek's The Road to Serfdom in Practice, Economy and Society, 44 (1): 140-164.

Grocott, C. & Grady, J. (2014) Naked Abroad - The Continuing Imperialism of Free Trade, Capital and Class, 38 (3): 541-562.

Godfrey, R., Brewis, J., Grady, J., & Grocott, C. (2014) The Private Security Industry and Neoliberal Imperialism: Mapping the Terrain, Organization, 21 (1): 106-125.

Grocott, C. (2009) A Fine Soldier but a Maligned Governor: General Sir Archibald Hunter, Governor of Gibraltar 1910-1913, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 37 (3): 421-439.


The history of economic thought.
The ideas, activities, and organisation of trade unions and other worker’s movements such as anarchism (both in the contemporary world and historically).
The development of capitalism and the relationship between the state, labour, and capital.
The British Empire; decolonisation and post-colonial society; imperialism.
All aspects of the remaining UK overseas dependent territories, and in particular Gibraltar.
Political economy.


I teach on the BA (Hons) Management Studies programme, and am module leader for MN1014 Economy and Society and MN3200 Dissertation.

Press and media

The history politics and economy of Gibraltar; the development of economic thought.


Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Chartered Manager accredited by the Chartered Management Institute
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
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