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Huiping Xian

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I am an Associate Professor in HRM at the University of Leicester School of Business. I received my doctorate from Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom. Currently I am a HEA fellow and a Chartered Association of Business Schools Certified Management & Business Educator. Prior to joining Leicester I worked as a Lecturer and Programme Director at the University of Sheffield. Previously I also lectured at Bournemouth University (2011-2014) and Manchester Metropolitan University (2007-2011). Previously I have worked as Programme Directors for both UG and PG programmes and managed international collaborative education. My wider community service involves:

- Associate Editor International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behaviour March 2020-present

- Co-track chair EURAM Research Methodology and Practice track 2018-present

- Events Officer for Gender in Management SIG BAM 2014-present


My research interests include women's careers HRM issues in Chinese organisations qualitative research methods and translation issues in international research. Recent funding awards:

- As Co-investigator, I am part of a research team across 6 European countries. We undertake a project 'Understanding the non-academic impacts of academic research in their national and international context', funded by European Academy of Management, 3000 euros, 2022-2023

- As PI, I organised a developmental workshop titled ‘Developing Linguistic Reflexivity: Impacts of language and translation in British and French research collaborations’ for early career researchers and PhD students funded by French Embassy, £3000, in 2020

- As PI, I completed a project titled ‘Developing Women’s Careers in Japan’ funded by the British Academy, £9990, 2016-2018


Journal Papers

Dibben, P., Cunningham, Bakalov, N. and Xian, H.P. (2022) "Conceptualising employee voice in the majority world: Using multiple intellectual traditions inspired by the work of Mick Marchington", Human Resource Management Journal, online first,
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Xian, H.P. and Meng-Lewis, Y. (2018) Business Research Methods for Chinese Students: A Practical Guide to Your Research Project, London: Sage, 243 pages

Book Chapters

Xian, H.P. and Jiang, N. (forthcoming), "Daughters’ succession of Chinese family businesses: An examination of cultural and institutional influences", in A Research Agenda for Women in Family Business, edited by Barrett, M. Huybrechts, J. and Lee, J., Edward Elgar.
Xian, H.P. (2022) "Women and Work in China" (Chapter 4), in Working Women in Asia-Pacific: Challenges and Ways Forward, edited by Parker, J., Baird, M., Donnelly, N., and Cooper, R, Massey University Press.
Xian, H.P and Jiang, N. (2021) "Women's Involvement in Chinese Family Businesses", (Chapter 18) in Women and Global Entrepreneurship: Contextualising Everyday Experiences, edited by McAdam, M. and Cunningham, J., London: Routledge.
Xian, H.P. (2020) "Translating Western Research Methodology into Chinese: A Contextualised Approach in Practice", (Chapter 3) in Managing Multilingual Workplaces: Methodological, Empirical and Pedagogic Perspectives, edited by Tietze, S., Lecomte, P. and Horn, S., London: Routledge.



I have supervised 1 PhD student to completion and am currently supervising 3 PhD students. I am interested in supervising the following topics:

- HRM issues in China

- Qualitative research methods

- Cross-cultural research involving language and translation

- Gender studies


I encourage students to use academic theories they learn in class to analyse their own organisations and identify areas for improvement. I am committed to equal opportunity and diversity. I have been working in a multicultural environment for many years and met students from many different countries. As a personal tutor I am keen to offer practical help to them and uses my personal experience to motivate them to adapt to the new environment. Currently I contribute to teaching in

- MN1028 Contemporary Issues in Business and Management

- MN2133 Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Organisations 

- MN2104 Organisational Behaviour

- MN3133 Research Methods

I also supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.

Press and media

I will be happy to be contacted about issues of gender equality managing diversity and cross-cultural management
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