Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 13: Climate Action

The thirteenth Sustainable Development Goal is to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Climate change is a serious threat, and fighting back against it is a priority for both our research and our development as a university: ensuring that we help to preserve our world for generations to come.


18 modules have intended learning outcomes directly relating to this goal, and 1,740 students have the opportunity to choose these modules.


186 articles relating to this goal were published in Scopus between 2018 and 2022, and 2,132 articles were 'cited by' in Scopus.

What we're doing


Carbon Literacy training, supported by the Carbon Literacy Project, provides colleagues with the motivation and knowledge to enable meaningful action on the climate crisis in their personal lives, at work and in the community. Since May 2022, 165 students and staff have been accredited as Carbon Literate. All staff and students can continue to attend training offered once per term.


Carbon Literacy Training is also embedded in our teaching. The Sustainable Enterprise Partnership Project (NT3100) module offers students the chance to achieve Carbon Literacy Accreditation and then use that knowledge to work with a partner organisation in groups to produce a sustainability audit report including recommendations for how to address the climate crisis in their business. 


A UK Research and Innovation grant funded the Self-Learning Digital Twins for Sustainable Land Management project with Leicester academics aims to use artificial intelligence to inform more environmentally friendly land use in the UK. The researchers will work together with industry leaders and the farming community to deliver intelligent computer code that can produce advice how to reduce farming emissions across the UK.

Courses that feature modules relating to this goal

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