Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

goal 12 responsible consumption

The twelfth Sustainable Development Goal is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


46 modules have intended learning outcomes directly relating to this goal, and 4,554 students have the opportunity to choose these modules.


176 articles relating to this goal were published in Scopus between 2013 and 2018, and 2,516 articles were 'cited by' in Scopus.

What we’re doing (University activity)

Sustainable Procurement Guidance

The Sustainable Procurement Guidance provides a menu of sustainability risk mitigations and added value options for including in tenders/contracts, including in relation to demand management and product efficiency, as is relevant and proportionate to the contract in question.

Ethical Investment Policy

The Ethical Investment Policy commits the University to investing our endowment funds on a responsible basis, taking into account the concerns of the Social Impact Strategy.

In addition, the University has allocated 11% of the endowment funds to impact investments across the themes of resource efficiency, clean energy, financial services, healthcare and education.

Plan-it Change Student Society’s Pop-up Zero Waste Store

As part of Go Green Week, the Plan-It Change Student Society ran a successful zero waste store on campus and hope it to become a regular thing.

Courses/modules relating to the goal