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Learning impact research project

RCMG was commissioned by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), to work with them on the development of Inspiring Learning for All, a vision for accessible learning in museums, archives and libraries. The Learning Impact Research Project (LIRP) was carried out in two phases.

LIRP Phase 1 (2001-2002)

In Phase 1, the focus of the Learning Impact Research Project (LIRP) was the development of a conceptual framework for the understanding of learning and learning outcomes in museums, archives and libraries.  The result was the five Generic Learning Outcomes (GLOs), a way of categorising the individual outcomes of learning experienced by users of museums, libraries and archives into broad categories. 


The following papers describe the theoretical background to the development of the GLOs, which are based on socio-constructivist theories of learning:

LIRP Phase 2 (2002-2004)

Phase 2 of LIRP focused on piloting the GLOs in fifteen museums, archives and libraries across England.  The success of the pilot demonstrated the GLO's potential for measuring and capturing the learning experiences of users across the sector.

The GLOs form an integral part of Inspiring Learning for All, launched by MLA in 2004, and have been used to help organisations make the measurement of learning a vital part of their practice. The GLO system is a rich resource for museums, archives and libraries, and is of value beyond the sector.


Measuring the Outcomes and Impact of Learning in Museums, Archives and Libraries: The Learning Impact Research Project End of Project Paper (07 May 2003) (PDF, 207KB)

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