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HTA standard operating procedures

SOP reference number  SOP and appendix title
HTA Policy on Compliance  Pending

Document control (PDF, 198kb)

Appendix 1 Read Log (Word, 30kb)


Transfer to the research licence (PDF, 587kb)

Appendix 1 Samples flow chart (PDF, 124kb)

Appendix 2 End of samples application form (Word, 43kb)


Applications of UoL sponsored PB Research Tissue Banks (PDF, 188kb)

Appendix 1 Research tissue bank application (Word, 36kb)

 HTA-A1003 Storage of material beyond REC approval (PDF, 169kb)

Disposal of human tissue samples (PDF, 189kb)

Appendix 1 Flow diagram of disposal process (Word, 62kb)

Appendix 2 Disposal request form (Word, 28kb)

Appendix 3 Awaiting disposal record form (Word, 26kb)

Appendix 4 Waste collection record form (Word, 29kb)


Import and export of HTA relevant material (PDF, 407kb)

Appendix 1 Sample application form for imported samples (Word, 39kb)


Internal ethics projects (PDF, 214kb)

Appendix 1 Sample application form for imported samples (Word, 39kb)


Procurement of relevant material (PDF, 207kb)

Appendix 1 Sample application form for procured material (Word, 39kb)

 HTA-A1008 HTA Contracts (PDF, 180kb)

Management of freezers (PDF, 175kb)

Appendix 1 Template notice (Word, 28kb)

Appendix 2 Cleaning log (Word, 28kb)

Appendix 3 Defrosting log (Word, 26kb)

Appendix 4 Temperature trend (Word, 29kb)

Appendix 5 Freezer alarm challenging report (Word, 26kb)


Room Temperature Monitoring (PDF, 163kb)

Appendix 1 Room temperature monitoring form (Word, 27kb)

 HTA-A1011 Equipment Management and Maintenance (PDF, 179kb)

Transfer of Human Samples (PDF, 91kb)

Appendix 1 Transfer of archival tissue (Word, 30kb)

Appendix 2 Transfer of internal samples (Word, 27kb)


Coding and Tracking (PDF, 181kb)

Appendix 1 Sample Tracking Log (Word, 34kb)

 HTA-A1014 Consent recording exemptions (PDF, 215kb)
 HTA-A1015 Existing Tissue Holdings (Pre-2006) (PDF, 176kb)
 HTA-A1016 Pending 
 HTA-A1017 DNA analysis (PDF, 173kb)

PD Master files (PDF, 165kb)

Please email HTAenquiries@le.ac.uk for a copy of the PD Masterfile documents


Auditing HTA Licenced Areas (PDF, 223kb)

Appendix 1 - AUDIT REPORT - Type A (Word, 27kb)

Appendix 2 - AUDIT REPORT - TYPE B (Word, 30kb)

Appendix 3 - AUDIT REPORT - TYPE C (Word, 30kb)

Appendix 4 - AUDIT REPORT - TYPE D (Word, 27kb)

Appendix 5- AUDIT REPORT - TYPE E (Word, 28kb)

Appendix 6- AUDIT REPORT - TYPE F (Word, 27kb)

Appendix 7 - AUDIT REPORT - TYPE G (Word, 27kb)

Appendix 8 - AUDIT SCHEDULE v1 (Word, 26kb)

Appendix 9 HTA Research Standards (Word, 39kb)

Appendix 10 Internal Audit checklist response document (Word, 56kb)


Management of HTA Records (PDF, 182kb)

Appendix 1. Template Freezer. Cryovessel Notice (Word, 28kb)

Appendix 2. Cleaning log (Word, 25kb)

Appendix 3 Human Tissue training checklist (Word, 25kb)

Appendix 4. Defrosting log (Word, 25kb)


Risk Identification Analysis (PDF, 388kb)

Appendix 1 Risk Assessment Form (Word, 138kb)

Appendix 2 Risk Register log (Word, 27kb)


HTA-A1022_UoL Adverse Events (PDF, 359kb)

HTA-A1022_Appendix 1  Incidents &  AE Report Form (Word, 39kb)

HTA-A1022_Appendix 2 Matrix for Grading Incidents (Word, 28kb)


HTA-A1023_UoL Emergency Planning (PDF, 350kb)

HTA-A1023_Appendix 1 Local Contingency Plan (Word, 26kb)

 HTA-A1024 HTA-A1024_UoL Procedure in event of non-compliance(PDF, 423kb)
 HTA-A1025 HTA-A1025_UoL Retaining Samples and Data (PDF, 355kb)
 HTA-A1026 Pending

HTA-A1027 UoL Persons Designated for Research Licence 12384 (PDF, 172kb)

HTA-A1027 Appendix 1 HTA PD Role Description UoL (Word, 32kb)

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