School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Academic staff

All telephone numbers are prefaced with +44 (0)116 252 when calling from outside the University unless otherwise stated.

Name Position Telephone Email Research theme
Dennis Almeida  Teaching Fellow      Mathematical Sciences 
Dr Ghaith Al-Tameemi  Teaching Fellow  Computing Sciences 
Dr Donovan Anderson  Teaching Fellow  Computing Sciences 
Dr Pamela Andrade-Sevillano Research Associate Computing Sciences
Professor Ashiq Anjum Academic 3907 Computing Sciences
Dr Kehinde Aruleba Academic 3895 Computing Sciences
Dr Furqan Aziz   Academic  Computing Sciences 
Dr Alexander Baranov Academic 2519 Mathematical Sciences
Alexander Bastounis  Academic  Mathematical Sciences 
Dhawal Beohar   Teaching Fellow Computing Sciences 
Craig Bower  Teaching Fellow  Computing Sciences 
Dr Artur Boronat Academic 2025 Computing Sciences
Professor Nikolai Brilliantov Academic 2521 Mathematical Sciences
Syed Ali Zahir Bukhari KTP Associate Computing Sciences
Dr Fuxiang Chen Academic  Computing Sciences 
Dr Joshua Cork Teaching Fellow Mathematical Sciences
Dr Richard Craggs Deputy Head 3440 Computing Sciences
Dr Roy Crole Academic 3404 Computing Sciences
Dr Rogerio Da Silva Academic 3905 Computing Sciences
Professor Ruslan Davidchack Academic 3819 Mathematical Sciences
Ahmed Dogar  Teaching Fellow  Actuarial Science
Dr John Drake Academic Computing Sciences
Mr Fola-Dami Eyitemi Research Associate Computing Sciences
Mr Nick Foster Academic 229 7540 Actuarial Science
Mr Marco Fasondini Academic
Mathematical Sciences 
Dr Robert Free  Academic  Computing Sciences 
Silvia Freund  Academic Actuarial Science 
Dr Stanley P. Y. Fung Academic 3807 Computing Sciences
Dr Fabrício Goes Academic 2603 Computing Sciences
Professor Alexander Gorban Academic 223 1433 Mathematical Sciences
Dr Bogdan Grechuk Academic 5238 Mathematical Sciences
Dr Dawei Hao Teaching Fellow 5693 Mathematical Sciences
Professor Reiko Heckel Academic 3406 Computing Sciences
Dr Matthias Heintz Academic 5341 Computing Sciences
Dr Daniel Hao Academic  Computing Sciences 
Dr Behnam Hashemi Academic  Mathematical Sciences 
Dr James Hoey Academic 5341 Computing Sciences
Dr Yi Hong Academic 2280 Computing Sciences
Dr Yuxiang Huang KTP Associate Mathematical Sciences
Professor Andrew Hugill Academic 2656 Computing Sciences
Dr Genovefa Kefalidou Academic 3410 Computing Sciences
Dr Paul King Academic 5903 Actuarial Science
Tomasz Kosmala  Teaching Fellow  Mathematical Sciences 
Dr Pak-Hin Lee  Teaching Fellow  Mathematical Sciences  
Dr Katrin Leschke Academic 5237 Mathematical Sciences
Bohan Li  Research Associate  Computing Sciences 
Dr Eleanor Lingham Academic
Mathematical Sciences
Dr Daqi Liu  Academic       Computing Sciences  
Professor Lu Liu Academic 
3813 Computing Sciences
Dr Ying Liu KTP Associate Mathematical Sciences
Dr Hasan Mansoor   Research Associate
Computing Sciences 
Mr Asad Masood Research Assistant Computing Sciences
Luthais McCash  University Fellow Mathematical Sciences 
Dr Evgeny Mirkes Research Associate 5756 Mathematical Sciences
Dr Gavin Moreton Teaching Fellow 5693 Mathematical Sciences
Dr Andrew Morozov Academic 5054 Mathematical Sciences
Dr Karim Mualla Academic 373 6428 Computing Sciences
Neil Murray Teaching Fellow Mathematical Sciences 
Dr Alberto Paganini Academic 3889 Mathematical Sciences
Martina Palusa   Teaching Fellow  Computing Sciences 
Dr John Panneerselvam Academic 3883 Computing Sciences
Professor Sergei Petrovskii Academic 3916 Mathematical Sciences
Professor Rajeev Raman Academic 3894 Computing Sciences
Mr Asad Raza Research Associate Computing Sciences
Dr Seyedeh Zahra Rezaei Lalami Academic 3897 Actuarial Science
Dr Matias Ruiz  Academic  Mathematical Sciences 
Rabia Saleem  Research Assistant Computing Sciences 
Nigel Sell Academic 5470 Actuarial Science
Dr Larissa Serdukova Academic  Mathematical Sciences 
Dr Paula Severi Teaching Fellow Computing Sciences
Professor Leena Sodha Head of School
5287 Actuarial Science
Dr Siyang Song Academic  Computing Sciences 
Andrew Summerfield Academic 5352 Actuarial Science
Dr Neslihan Suzen   Academic
Mathematical Sciences 
Dr Emmanuel Tadjouddine Academic 223 1368 Computing Sciences
Dr Tatiana Tyukina Teaching Fellow 5226 Mathematical Sciences
Dr Irek Ulidowski Academic 3801 Computing Sciences
Professor Tanya Vladimirova Academic 5372 Computing Sciences
Dr Marco Volpe Academic 2593 Computing Sciences
Dr Bo Wang Academic 2162 Mathematical Sciences
Dr Sha Wang  Research Associate  Computing Sciences 
Yifu Wang Teaching Fellow 5693 Mathematical Sciences
Wil Ward  Teaching Fellow Computing Sciences 
Dr Ting Wei  Teaching Fellow  Mathematical Sciences 
Victoria Wright Teaching Fellow Computing Sciences
Professor Hongji Yang Academic 7353 Computing Sciences
Ms Nicole Yap Teaching Fellow Computing Sciences
Dr Bo Yuan Academic 3903 Computing Sciences
Shigang Yue  Academic  Computing Sciences 
Dr Reza Mohammed Zare Academic 3391 Computing Sciences
Dr Huiyu Zhou Academic 5295 Computing Sciences

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