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School/Department: Computing and Mathematical Sciences, School of

Telephone: 0116(0)2523807



I am a Lecturer in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Leicester. I obtained all my B.Eng., M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Hong Kong.

My research is in the area of algorithms. I teach third-year/MSc modules on Algorithms, C++, and cryptography.

I am also the school's examination officer for UG degrees, and runs the Panels and Boards of Examiners.


My research is mainly in the areas of online algorithms and scheduling algorithms. I have also previously worked on (and still maintain an interest in) problems in computational geometry and computational biology.

Online algorithms are algorithms that work without the full input available up front. As input arrives the algorithm has to make irrevocable decisions. This is the case in many scheduling scenarios.

My recent work include stock market trading algorithms; temperature-aware scheduling algorithms for microprocessors; scheduling algorithms that incorporate preemption or non-completion penalties; scheduling of intervals and broadcasts; and algorithms for energy-constrained sensor networks.



Selected papers: (see DBLP for a fuller list and links to papers)

Stanley P. Y. Fung. Online two-way trading: Randomization and advice. Theoretical Computer Science 856: 41-50, 2021.

Stanley P. Y. Fung. Optimal Online Two-Way Trading with Bounded Number of Transactions. Algorithmica 81(11-12): 4238-4257, 2019. (Invited special issue,  preliminary version in COCOON 2017)

Martin Birks, Stanley P. Y. Fung. Temperature aware online algorithms for minimizing flow time. Theoretical Computer Science 661: 18-34 (2017)

Stanley P. Y. Fung, Chung Keung Poon, Feifeng Zheng. Improved Randomized Online Scheduling of Intervals and Jobs. Theory of Computing Systems 55(1): 202-228, 2014.

Stanley P. Y. Fung. Online scheduling with preemption or non-completion penalties. Journal of Scheduling 17(2): 173-183, 2014.

Mee Yee Chan, Wun-Tat Chan, Francis Y. L. Chin, Stanley P. Y. Fung, Ming-Yang Kao. Linear-Time Haplotype Inference on Pedigrees without Recombinations and Mating Loops. SIAM Journal on Computing 38(6): 2179-2197, 2009. (Preliminary version in WABI 2006.)

Stanley P. Y. Fung, Chung Keung Poon, Feifeng Zheng. Online interval scheduling: randomized and multiprocessor cases. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 16(3): 248-262, 2008.

Stanley P. Y. Fung, Feifeng Zheng, Wun-Tat Chan, Francis Y. L. Chin, Chung Keung Poon, Prudence W. H. Wong. Improved on-line broadcast scheduling with deadlines. Journal of Scheduling 11(4): 299-308, 2008.

Francis Y. L. Chin, Marek Chrobak, Stanley P. Y. Fung, Wojciech Jawor, Jirí Sgall, Tomás Tichý. Online competitive algorithms for maximizing weighted throughput of unit jobs. Journal of Discrete Algorithms 4(2): 255-276, 2006. (Preliminary version in STACS 2004.)

Francis Y. L. Chin, Stanley P. Y. Fung. Online Scheduling with Partial Job Values: Does Timesharing or Randomization Help? Algorithmica 37(3): 149-164, 2003.

Francis Y. L. Chin, Stanley P. Y. Fung, Cao An Wang. Approximation for Minimum Triangulations of Simplicial Convex 3-Polytopes. Discrete and Computational Geometry 26(4): 499-511, 2001. (Preliminary version in SODA 2001.)

Also, that (infamous?) sorting paper and some additional notes about it




I supervise a number of BSc and MSc projects.

I am open to PhD supervision in the area of discrete algorithms, or in relation to educational/pedagogic research.

Graduated PhD student: Martin Birks (2013)

  • Thesis title: Online algorithms for temperature aware job scheduling problems


Currently I teach the following modules:

  • CO3105/4105/7105 (Advanced) C++ Programming
  • CO3002/7002 Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • CO3099/7099 Foundations of Cybersecurity (the "cryptography" part)

In the past I also taught these modules:

  • CO4200/7100/7200 Algorithms for Bioinformatics
  • CO3097/7097 Programming Secure and Distributed Systems (the "secure" part)
  • CO1097 Internet Computing (2 lectures)
  • CO1092/1093 Information Processing / Information Systems


I was Program Committee member of the following conferences:

WALCOM 2008, WAOA 2012, COCOA 2016, COCOA 2017, COCOA 2018, COCOON 2019, COCOA 2020, COCOON 2020, COCOON 2022


B.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D., University of Hong Kong

HEA Fellow


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