Professor Rajeev Raman

Professor and PhD Director

School/Department: Computing and Mathematic Sciences, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3894



I obtained my undergraduate degree at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and my MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Rochester Rochester NY USA. I have worked previously as a post-doc at the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics Germany and the University of Maryland College Park and as a lecturer at King's College London. I have been a Professor at UoL since 2001 and served as Head of Department from 2003-06 as Director of Research from 2014-2020 and am currently Director of PhD Studies.


My interests are in data science including data structures data compression data mining and scalable data processing. My work uses the mathematical analysis of algorithms and data structures the implementation and experimental testing of algorithm performance (algorithm engineering) and probabilistic and statistical methods. While most of my work is foundational in nature I also work on applications in other branches of science and industry. My recent work is on succinct data structures (SDS). SDS represent user-provided data using an amount of computer memory close to the information-theoretic minimum and support very rapid queries and updates on the data. SDS have been shown to have very good theoretical and practical performance for a growing range of applications including text search bioinformatics data mining and graph and XML databases. An overview can be found in my tutorial ( at ACM SIGMOD-PODS 2018. I also work on mining probabilistic databases sequence prediction XML databases and inferring automata. My work has been funded by the EPSRC Royal Society Innovate UK and PPARC (predecessor to STFC).



D Belazzougui, D. Kosolobov, S. J. Puglisi, R. Raman: Weighted Ancestors in Suffix Trees Revisited. CPM 2021: 8:1-8:15 (Alberto Apostolico Award for best paper in CPM 2021)

D Arroyuelo, R Raman: Adaptive Succinctness, Algorithmica (2021)

P Burcsi, G Fici, Z Lipták, R Raman, J Sawada: Generating a Gray code for prefix normal words in amortized polylogarithmic time per word. Theor. Comput. Sci. 842: 86-99 (2020)

M. Hoffmann, J. Iacono, P. K. Nicholson, R. Raman: Encoding nearest larger values. Theor. Comput. Sci. 710: 97-115 (2018)

R Ktistakis, P Fournier-Viger, S J. Puglisi, R Raman: Succinct BWT-Based Sequence Prediction. DEXA (2) 2019: 91-101

A Poyias, S J. Puglisi, R Raman: m-Bonsai: A Practical Compact Dynamic Trie. Int. J. Found. Comput. Sci. 29(8): 1257-1278 (2018)

R. Grossi, J. Iacono, G. Navarro, R. Raman, S. S. Rao: Asymptotically Optimal Encodings of Range Data Structures for Selection and Top-k Queries. ACM Trans. Algorithms 13(2): 28:1-28:31 (2017)

M Muzammal, R Raman: Mining sequential patterns from probabilistic databases. Knowl. Inf. Syst. 44(2): 325-358 (2015)

P Bille, G M. Landau, R Raman, K Sadakane, S R Satti, O Weimann: Random Access to Grammar-Compressed Strings and Trees. SIAM J. Comput. 44(3): 513-539 (2015)

T Gransden, N Walkinshaw, R Raman: SEPIA: Search for Proofs Using Inferred Automata. CADE 2015: 246-255



I would be interested in supervising PhD projects on: data structures data mining data compression and in-memory databases.


Operating Systems and Networks (CO2101) Algorithms for Bioinformatics (CO7200)

Press and media

Computer Science Data Science


I am on the editorial board of ACM J. Experimental Algorithms and have served previously on Computing Journal (OUP) and J. Discrete Algorithms (Elsevier). I have served on the PCs of over 50 conferences including theory (MFCS STACS CPM SPIRE) algorithm engineering (SEA ALENEX ESA-B) and AI/data science (PAKDD AAAI). I have been on steering committees of major conferences like ESA and ALENEX and am on bodies such as the IFIP WG 1.10 ( I am a member of the EPSRC peer review college.


Invited speaker at AofA 2022 Alberto Apostolico award for best paper at CPM 2021 Invited tutorial at ACM SIGMOD-PODS 2018 Invited speaker at SPIRE 2015 Invited speaker at WALCOM 2014 Invited speaker at IWOCA 2012 Invited to ""selected best papers"" special issues of DEXA 2019 WALCOM 2014 SODA 2002 STOC 1995.
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