Dr Craig Bower

Research Fellow


After serving in the Armed Forces (Royal Corps of Signal - Electronic Warfare Specialist) and leading the mathematics department at a Nottingham City Sixth Form I now pursue the development of real-time machine learning algorithms as a Research Fellow in the Informatics Department at the University of Leicester.

I am currently consulting with various stakeholders in the transportation sector to develop real-time predictive maintenance analytics at scale and utilising machine learning (including deep reinforcement learning) as a fully-integrated information services hub. 


My research involves algorithms that balance the exploration and exploitation of dynamic environments without making any statistical assumptions on received feedback. The objective in such scenarios is to identify which sources of information (from potentially billions) are of interest (exceeding a given threshold) precisely when they are 'of interest'. Following collaboration with ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) and the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at the European Nuclear Research Centre (CERN) in Geneva this work is being directly applied to the real-time monitoring of detector control systems in high-energy experimental physics.


(0) Pending.


Unsupervised machine learning

Multi-armed bandits

Reinforcement learning



Press and media

Multi-armed bandits
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