School of Engineering

Academic, external and visiting staff

Prefix telephone numbers with +44 (0)116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside the University.

Academic staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Essam Abo-Serie  Lecturer
Dr Svetlana Aleksandrova Lecturer
Dr Matteo Angelino Lecturer
Dr Mohammed Azeem Lecturer 229 7422
Dr Audrius Bagdanavicius Lecturer 2532 
Dr Avinash Bhangaonkar Lecturer 1303 
Dr Mateusz Bocian Lecturer 2539 
Mr Ian Bromley
Teaching Fellow          
Mr Daniel Burton Teaching Fellow 
Dr Victor Cedeno Lecturer 
Professor Bo Chen Professor 7911
Professor Hongbiao Dong Professor 2528 
Mr Kelechi Ebirim Teaching Fellow 
Dr Gebril El-Fallah Lecturer 5659 
Dr Osman Elgawi Lecturer
Dr Elsiddig Elmukashfi Lecturer
Dr Yuan Gao Lecturer
Professor Simon Gill Professor
Dr Nadjim Horri Lecturer
Dr Zahir Hussain Lecturer 
Dr Hassan Ijaz Teaching Fellow
Dr Mukund Janardhanan Lecturer 229 7905 
Dr James Jewkes Lecturer
Dr Bing Ji Lecturer 2314 
Dr Himanshu Kaul

Research Fellow 
Dr Xin Li Lecturer 3643
Professor Ljiljana Marjanovic-Halburd  Head of School
Dr Agostino Maurotto Lecturer
Dr Ramy Mesalam Lecturer
Dr Andrew McMullan Associate Professor 2538 
Dr Tosha Nembhard Lecturer 
Mr Andrew Norman Associate Professor 2563 
Professor Jingzhe Pan Professor 223 1092 
Dr Jae-Hwan Park Lecturer
Dr Imran Patel Lecturer 
Dr Shiladitya Paul Associate Professor 
Dr Tim Pearce Reader 223 1290 
Dr Emmanuel Prempain Associate Professor 223 1300 
Dr Aldo Rona Associate Professor 2510 
Dr Harold Ruiz Rondan Associate Professor 229 7825 
Dr Fernando Schlindwein Reader 5053 
Dr Jenny Shepherd Lecturer 5670
Dr Dave Siddle Lecturer 223 1365 
Professor Csaba Sinka Professor 2555 
Dr Christos Skamniotis Lecturer 
Dr Dimitrios Statharas Lecturer 2539 
Dr Bo Tian Lecturer 
Dr Locadia Tombido Teaching Fellow
Mr Andy Truman Teaching Fellow      2575 
Dr Jay Unadkat Teaching Fellow 
Professor Mike Warrington
Dr Paula Warrington Teaching Fellow 
Dr David Weston Lecturer 2524 
Professor Haitao Ye Professor 229 7377 
Dr Jinning Zhang Lecturer
Dr Tao Zhang Lecturer
Dr Khaled Laib Lecturer
Dr Yang Xiao Lecturer
Dr Elsiddig Elmukashfi’s Lecturer
Dr Ali Haghiri Lecturer
Dr Svetlana Aleksandrova Lecturer
Dr Mostefa Kermadi Lecturer

External and visiting staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Jackie Butterfield RA Eng Visiting Professor 
Dr Sophie Calabretto Honorary Associate Professor    
Professor Jonathon Chambers   Emeritus Professor 
Dr Chris Coats University Fellow 2530 
Dr Alison Cooper Visiting Fellow    
Professor Nick Cooper Honorary Professor    
Professor Len Dissado Emeritus Professor 2577 
Professor John Fothergill Honorary Visiting Professor 
Professor Paul Gostelow Emeritus Professor 2570 
Professor Dawei Gu Emeritus Professor 
Adrienne Houston Visiting Design Professor
Mr Mohan Kansara External Leader    
Jacqui Murray RA Eng Visiting Professor 
Professor Alan Ponter Emeritus Professor 2549 
Matrishvan Raval Visiting Design Professor
Professor Anton Rawlinson Visiting Design Professor 
Professor Sharon Stephen Honorary Professor    
Professor David Ward Visiting Design Professor 
Professor Jim Wickerson Visiting Design Professor 

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