Professional services staff

Prefix telephone numbers with +44 (0)116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Student administration team

Name  Position  Telephone  Email 
Michael Black  Programme Administrator  2871 
Ushma Chauhan  College Administrator  3896 
Peter Gamble  Administration Assistant  373 6409 
Melissa Goodwin  Business Administration Manager  3359 
Stacey Grycuk  Programme Administrator  3884 
Rachel Henry  Administration Assistant  229 7031 
Gavin Hornsey  Administration Assistant  2129 
Tony King  Programme Administrator  3887 
Alison Lambert  Business Administration Manager  2531 
Shobhna Odedra  Programme Administrator  229 7407 
Debbie Richardson  Administration Assistant  2559 
Leah Shiels  Programme Administrator  3917 
Karen Smith  Operations Manager  3605 
Sally Taylor  Programme Administrator  5122 
Charlotte Watts  College Administrator  5488 

Distance learning hub

Name  Position  Telephone  Email 
James Boyd  DL Manager  223 1793 
Rosie Donovan  DL Student Support  3594 
Leanne Boyle  DL Admin Assistant  223 1486 
Nathan Dunham  DL Admin Assistant  1931 
Kate Parker  DL Admin Assistant  2612 

Postgraduate research student hub

Name  Position  Telephone  Email 
Kiri Humphreys  PGR Administrator  3570  Chemistry:

Charlotte Langley  PGR Administrator  223 1777  Geography:


Michelle Pryce  PGR Administrator  5069  Engineering:

Informatics (Computer Science): 
Charlotte Ratcliffe  PGR Administrator  3581 
Lyndsay McCarthy  PGR Administrator  6419 

Finance hub

Name  Position  Telephone  Email 
Jenna Booth  Finance Administration Team Leader  233 1072 
Kamila Aniagolu Finance Administrator 3927 
Yash Chaturvedi Finance Administrator 223 1089 
Nigel Fisher  Finance Administrator  229 7516 
Ruhme Miah Finance Administrator  2122