Technical and experimental staff

Prefix telephone numbers with +44 (0)116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name  Position  Telephone  Email 
Mr Luigi Alessandro  Technician (Electrical)  2556 
Mr Mohammed Arkate Technician (Electrical)  2876 
Mr Ian Bromley  Teaching Technician (Mechanical)  2566 
Mr Barry Chester  Technician (Mechanical)  2566 
Mr Graham Clark  Technician (Mechanical)  2877
Mr Tony Forryan Technician (Mechanical)  2566 
Mr Bilal Haveliwala Technician (Electrical)  2822 
Mr Dominic Kent  Stores Technician  2565 
Mr Chris Marlow Technical Services Manager  5160 
Mr Rashmikant Patel  Technician (Electrical)  2575 
Mr Vinay Patel Experimental Officer
Consultancy Manager 
229 7330 
Mr Dipak Raval  Technician (Mechanical)  2879 
Mr Tom Robotham Technician (IT)  2573 
Mr Dion Short Technical Services Manager (Workshops) +44 (0)7787 273293 
Mr Andy Truman  Teaching Technician (Electrical)  2575 
Mr Alan Wale  Mechanical Workshop Manager  2566 
Mr Andy Willby Experimental Officer  2576 
Mr Paul Williams Experimental Officer  5271