Dr Emmanuel Prempain

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School/Department: Engineering, School of

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My research interests are primarily in the areas of control and the application of convex optimisation for control system analysis and synthesis. I am interested in robust gain scheduling robust tracking fixed-order synthesis control within the Linear Matrix Inequality framework. I have a significant experience in the design of controllers for Aerospace Systems (helicopter control re-entry space vehicle control and autopilots) and more generally in the application of linear matrix optimisation techniques to complex systems.


RESEARCH GRANTS AND CONTRACTS “At the limits of adaptive systems: constrained adaptive control” M.C. Turner (PI) and E. Prempain (CI) EPSRC Mar 2016 - Aug 2019 £291k “Robust Adaptive Control 2” ITP E. Prempain (PI) and M.C. Turner (CI) MBDA (UK/Fr) DGA/DSTL Aug 2013 - Nov 2017 £320k MBDA (UK/Fr) DGA/DSTL ITP Domain 1 “Dynamic Controllers” October 2008-Aug 2013 E. Prempain (PI) with M.C. Turner G. Sandou (Supelec) G. Duc (Supelec) D. Vorley (MBDA UK) R. Davies (MBDA UK) J.P. Harcaut (MBDA Fr) Oct 2008 £210k Principal Investigator (Leicester) Collaborating for Success in Systems Biology Discipline Hopping Awards in Systems Biology “Modelling Cochlear Gain Control” EPSRC EP/E057136/1 Dec 2007 - Nov 2009 £78k Co-investigator (Leicester) DEIMOS Space (Spain) and the Technical University of Delft (The Netherlands) ESA “Robust LPV Gain-Scheduling Techniques for Space Applications” Feb 2007-Oct 2009 300K Euros


Turner, M.C., Sofrony, J., Prempain, E., Anti-windup for model-reference adaptive control schemes with rate-limits (2020), Systems and Control Letters, Vol 137, 104630.

Basak, H., Kemer, E., Prempain, E. A Passive Fault-Tolerant Switched Control Approach for Linear Multivariable Systems: Application to a Quadcopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Model 2020, Jour. Dyn. Sys., Meas., Control, Vol 142(3)

Prempain, E., Lecchini-Visintini, A. Dynamic Analysis of a Twin Rotor MIMO System and Control Design (2018) 2018 UKACC 12th International Conference on Control, CONTROL 2018, art. no. 8516727, pp. 87-92.

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Ameho, Y., Prempain, E. Linear parameter varying controllers for the ADMIRE aircraft longitudinal dynamics, (2011) Proceedings of the American Control Conference, art. no. 5991349, pp. 1315-1320.

Prempain, E., Turner, M.C., Postlethwaite, I. Coprime factor based anti-windup synthesis for parameter-dependent systems (2009) Systems and Control Letters, 58 (12), pp. 810-817

Prempain, E., Postlethwaite, I. L2 and H2 performance analysis and gain-scheduling synthesis for parameter-dependent systems (2008) Automatica, 44 (8), pp. 2081-2089

Prempain, E., Postlethwaite, I. Static H loop shaping control of a fly-by-wire helicopter (2005) Automatica, 41 (9), pp. 1517-1528

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Prempain, E., Postlethwaite, I. Feedforward control: A full-information approach, (2001) Automatica, 37 (1), pp. 17-28.


H-infinity and Robust Control Methods Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMIs) Robust Gain Scheduling LPV/LFT Non-linear Control (sum-of-square analysis feedback linearisation) Switched Systems Adaptive Control Robust Model Predictive Control


CURRENT TEACHING - EG2302: System Dynamics and Control 15 credits - EG3125/7060: Rigid Body & Structural Dynamics 15 credits - EG3421: Flight Dynamics Control and Avionics 15 credits - EG4321/7040: Nonlinear Control 15 credits

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I have a significant experience in the design of controllers for Aerospace Systems (helicopter control re-entry space vehicle control and autopilots)
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