Dr Bing Ji

Lecture of Electrical Engineering

School/Department: Engineering, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2314


Address: E705, Engineering Building, School of Engineering, University of Leicester


I joined University of Leicester in 2015 before which I took different positions as an engineer or a researcher in the field of power electronics.

I am RAEng Leverhulme Research Fellow (2022-23).

Currently, I serve the editorial boards and learned societies as the 

Editor of IET Power Electronics journal

Deputy Editor of IET Electrical Systems in Transportation journal

Associate Editor of Proceedings of the Royal Society A journal

Chapter Chair of IEEE UK and Ireland Section Power Electronics Society (PELS) 

Currently, I also serve as the external examiners for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for UK universities including Newcastle, Northumbria, Teesside.  


Power Electronics:

Prognosis and health monitoring (PHM), Intelligent Power Module (IPM), Active Gate Drivers (AGD), Packaging, Sensing, Reliability and Qualification.

SMaRT powertrains:

Self-Monitoring and Resilient Control for eTransportation including Switching-Mode PWM and Resonant DC/DC Power Converters, Onboard Battery Charger (OBC), Battery Management System (BMS), thermal management.


Selected publications appear below. Please refer to my Google Scholar or Publons profiles for an updated publication list.

  • a.  Thesis, books and book chapters

  • [1]B. Ji, W.P. Cao, V. Pickert, (2016). “State-of-the-art intelligent gate drivers for IGBT power modules - monitoring, control and management at the heart of power converters”, Chapter in 'Control Circuits in Power Electronics: Practical issues in design and implementation', (first ed., Chap. 11, pp. 307-335). Energy Engineering, IET. Editor Prof Miguel Castilla. Chap DOI: 10.1049/PBPO072E_ch
  • [2]B. Ji, K. Tan, H. Wu. (2018). “Advanced Gate Drive Approaches for Optimal Device-Level Control”. Chapter in ‘Control of Power Electronic Converters and Systems’, (Vol. 2, first ed., Chap. 28, pp. 453-475). Elsevier Science & Technology. Editor Prof Frede Blaabjerg. Chap DIO:
  • [3]B. Ji, (2012). “In-situ health monitoring of IGBT power modules in EV applications”, thesis, Newcastle University, UK
  • b.  Journal papers

  • [4]W. Zhang, K. Tan, B. Ji, L. Qi, X. Cui, J. Wei, X. Zhang “A Novel Integrated Monitoring Method for MPPF Capacitor and IGBT Junction Temperature of Half-Bridge Modules,” IET Power Electron., in press, Impact Factor = 2.641
  • [5]W. Zhang, K. Tan, B. Ji, L. Qi, X. Cui, X. Zhang, L.Du, “In Situ Diagnosis of Multichip IGBT Module Wire Bonding Faults Based on Collector Voltage Undershoot,” IEEE Trans. Ind. Electro, in press, Impact Factor = 8.236
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Past PhDs

Dr K. Tan, thesis on 'Active gate driver and switching characterisation for high-power IGBT modules', now an assistant professor with Anhui University

Dr B.P. Alalibo, thesis on 'Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection for Electrical Machines using Advanced Sensing Techniques', now an R&D engineer with Mott MacDonald 

Current PhD students

Mr J. Wei

Miss H. Chen

Mr S. Ding

Mr Z. Li

Mr G. Xia

Mr P. Yu

Mr C. U. Osuji


EG 1201 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EG 3211 Power Electronics
EG 2004 Engineering Experimentation and Analysis
EG 2005 Engineering Design
EG 3005 Third Year Project
EG 4006 Fourth Year Project
EG 7020 MSc Project

Press and media

1. My research work on the 'Smart power converters for game-change drone technology'  was reported by EastMidland BusinessLink - September 2022

2. My research work on the 'control and design optimisation of Press-pack IGBTs' teamed up with China and UK institutes and China Southern State Power Grid Company was reported by IET Partner News Magazine, Page 21, issue 37 - Autumn 2018.
3. My research work to enable power electronics company to improve a condition monitoring system was reported by “TheJournal”, 2020 Vision - June 2014:


Editor - IET Power Electronics
Editorial Coordinator - IET Power Electronics
Associate Editor - Proceedings of the Royal Society A
Associate Editor - Frontiers in Electronics (specialty section of Industrial Electronics)
IET Power Electronics
Topics Editor - MDPI Electronics
Guest Editor - Special Issues on “WBG Semiconductor Power Electronics for Industrial and Automotive Applications” in IET Power Electronics
Guest Editor - Special Issue on “Design and Applications of Wide Bandgap Devices for Power Electronics” in Journal of Power and Energy Engineering

Media coverage

1. My research work on 'Smart power electronics for drones' was reported by East Midlands Business Link - September 2022 

2. My research work on the 'Control and design optimisation of Press-pack IGBTs' teamed up with China and UK institutes and China Southern State Power Grid Company was reported by IET Partner News Magazine, Page 21, Issue 37 - Autumn 2018.

3. My research work to enable power electronics company to improve a condition monitoring system was reported by TheJournal, 2020 Vision - June 2014: 

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