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Dr Jinning Zhang is currently a Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering and deputy programme director of MSc Aerospace at University of Leicester. She obtained her MSc (2019) and PhD degree (2022) in aerospace propulsion from Cranfield University. Her research interests include energy management strategies and integrated control system design for aerospace propulsion, AI for transport and energy systems, and integrated power systems in aerospace and transportation-energy nexus.  


Research areas of interest include, but are not limited for:

  • Sustainable aviation electrification systems & technologies
  • Energy management strategies and integrated control systems in aviation/transport electrification
  • Smart grid planning and operation with transport integration, such as in airports, vehicle charging, etc.


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I am currently recruiting a fully funded PhD student through University of Leicester Future 50 PhD Scholarships scheme:

  • ENG Zhang Hydrogen-based novel propulsion technologies and design framework for future sustainable aviation



EG1004 Engineering Experimentation (Ball and beam control)

EG2004 Engineering Experimentation and Analysis (Vibration modelling)

EG4323/7040 Robust and Nonlinear Control

UG Final year projects

MSc projects

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