Dr Xuefang Wang

Lecturer in Control Engineering

School/Department: Engineering, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3546


Address: Engineering Tower, E801



Dr. Xuefang Wang received her B.S. degree from the Ocean university of China, Qingdao college, in 2013. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering from Dalian University of Technology, Liaoning, China, in 2019. 

From 2017 to 2019, she was a visiting scholar to work with Prof. Andrew R. Teel at the University of California, Santa Barbara, US.

From 2020 to 2023, she was a Research Associate at Dalian University of Technology, China, and Loughborough University, UK, respectively. 

From September 2023, she joined the School of Engineering, University of Leicester, UK, as a Lecturer in Control Engineering. 


Research areas of interest include, but are not limited for:

Theoretical research

  • High-level decision making for autonomous systems
  • Control Systems Analysis and Design
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Intelligent Control
  • Smart Power Grid Allocation
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Distributed Optimisation Algorithms Design
  • Model Predictive Control and Robust Control
  • Markov decision process



  • Control engineering applications on Autonomous Driving
  • Control engineering applications on Aerial Robotics


Published Book:

[B1] Xi-Ming Sun, Kun-Zhi Liu, Xue-Fang Wang, Andrew. R. Teel. Control and optimization based on network communication, Springer Nature, 2023.


Selected Journal Papers:

[J1] Xue-Fang Wang, Andrew R. Teel, Xi-Ming Sun, Kun-Zhi Liu, Guangru Shao. A distributed robust two-time-scale switched algorithm for constrained aggregative games, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Full paper, 68(11):6525-6540, 2023.

[J2] Xue-Fang Wang, Xi-Ming Sun, Maojiao Ye, Kun-Zhi Liu. Robust Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking for Games Under Attacks and Communication Delays, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 67(9):4892-4899, 2022.

[J3] Xue-Fang Wang, Andrew R. Teel, Kun-Zhi Liu, Xi-Ming Sun. Stability analysis of distributed convex optimization under persistent attacks:a hybrid system approach, Automatica, 111:108607, 2020.

[J4] Xue-FangWang, Xi-Ming Sun, Andrew R. Teel, Kun-Zhi Liu. Distributed robust Nash equilibrium seeking for aggregative games under persistent attacks: A hybrid systems approach, Automatica, 122:109255, 2020.

[J5] Xue-Fang Wang, Yiguang Hong, Xi-Ming Sun, Kun-Zhi Liu. Distributed Optimization for Resource Allocation Problems under Large Delays, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 66(12): 9448-9457, 2019. 


[J6] Yunda Yan, Xue-Fang Wang, Benjamin Marshall, Cunjia Liu, Jun Yang, Wen-Hua Chen. Surviving disturbances: A Predictive Control Framework With Guaranteed Safety. Automatica, Regular paper, 158:111238, 2023.


For more publications, please refer to my Google Scholar:


I warmly welcome PhD proposals on topics, but are not limited for:

1. Optimization-based high-level decision making method for autonomous systems, such as autonomous driving, aerial robotics

2. Communications and cooperation/non-cooperation between robots / autonomous systems

3. Distributed optimization algorithms design

4. Robust distributed Nash equilibrium seeking for games



  • EG3125 Rigid Body and Structural Dynamics
  • EG3323 Digital Control and Actuators



  • IEEE Member
  • IEEE Young Professionals


Guest Associate Editor of Frontiers in Nonlinear Control:

 Topic Editor in Learning and Optimisation for Safety-Critical Control in Unknown and Uncertain Environments


Invited Reviewers:

Journals of control engineering in the aspects of general control systems /automation control systems/ (e.g., Automatica/IEEE TAC/TIE/TII/TCyb/TSMC, IJRNC,
IET, and IEEE Access)




  • The distinguished PhD thesis award and City Level Outstanding Doctoral Graduate (2020)
  • China Scholarship Council (CSC) Award for studying in University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) ($45K) (2017 - 2019)
  • National Scholarship for Graduate Student, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (¥20K) (2015)
  • Undergraduate competitions, e.g., National college students electronic design competition (2nd prize)
    and Design of Freescale Intelligent Car with CCD Camera (2nd prize) in National Freescale Cup (2010)


High-level decision making for autonomous vehicles

Multiagent systems

Hybrid systems

Distributed optimisation problems 

Model predictive control

Markov decision process

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