Our team

We have a very experienced team. Our people have skills ranging from consultancy and project management, to site excavation, and artefact analysis and conservation. All of our field staff are certified in Construction Skills, Quarry Passport, and trained in health and safety protocols. We are supported by our Board of Management, and academic advisors within the School of Archaeology and Ancient History.


Name  Position  Interests and specialisms  Email 
Vicki Score MCIfA  Director  Consultancy, landscape survey, CAD and GIS  vp23@le.ac.uk 
Matthew Beamish MCIfA
Project Manager / IT Officer  Prehistoric archaeology, topography, LiDAR analysis, systems and database development, GIS and CAD  mgb3@le.ac.uk 
Nick Cooper MCIfA  Post-excavation Project Manager  Roman pottery, small finds, Roman/Anglo-Saxon transition  njc9@le.ac.uk 
John Thomas MCIfA 
Deputy Director  Iron Age and Roman archaeology, landscape archaeology, post-excavation analysis, report writing and publication, quernstone analysis, CAD illustration, community archaeology.  jst6@le.ac.uk 
Adam Thuraisingam  Contracts and Finance Officer  Management and administration of commercial contracts, finance and personnel, policies compliance, operational efficiency.  at250@le.ac.uk 


Name  Position  Interests and specialisms  Email 
Stephen Baker  Project Officer  Roman and medieval urban archaeology  sb390@le.ac.uk 
Joseph Bartholomew  Archaeological Assistant    jb792@le.ac.uk 
Jennifer Browning MCIfA 
Project Officer  Zooarchaeology  jcb9@le.ac.uk 
Adam Clapton  Senior Supervisor  Prehistoric and Roman rural settlement  ac562@le.ac.uk 
Donald Clark ACIfA  Senior Supervisor  Prehistoric and Roman settlement, community archaeology  dcc21@le.ac.uk 
James Earley  Archaeological Assistant  Post-medieval archaeology, battlefields and conflict archaeology, Operation Nightingale  je146@le.ac.uk 
Nathan Flavell  Senior Supervisor  Industrial archaeology  nf70@le.ac.uk 
James Harvey  Project Officer  Prehistoric settlement, survey  jrh20@le.ac.uk 
Tim Higgins  Project Officer  Roman and medieval settlement  th31@le.ac.uk 
Leon Hunt  Senior Supervisor  Desk-based assessments  lh90@le.ac.uk 
Richard Huxley  Senior Supervisor    rh329@le.ac.uk 
Andrew Hyam  Senior Supervisor  Standing buildings, community archaeology  ah58@le.ac.uk 
George Issitt  Archaeological Assistant    gi19@le.ac.uk 
Wayne Jarvis MCIfA  Project Officer  Prehistoric settlement and landscapes, lithics, Palaeolithic archaeology, urban archaeology, survey and CAD, post-excavation analysis  wj5@le.ac.uk 
Roger Kipling  Project Officer  Urban Roman and medieval settlement  rwk1@le.ac.uk 
Claire LaCombe  Archaeological Assistant    cl368@le.ac.uk 
Andrew McLeish  Senior Supervisor    asm37@le.ac.uk 
Mathew Morris ACIfA  Project Officer  Roman and medieval urban archaeology, post-excavation analysis, photogrammetry, community archaeology  mlm9@le.ac.uk 
Chris Naisbitt  Archaeological Assistant    cn163@le.ac.uk 
Jamie Patrick ACIfA  Senior Supervisor  Floodplain archaeology, industrial archaeology  jrp28@le.ac.uk 
Joseph Peters  Archaeological Assistant    jp468@le.ac.uk 
Sofia Picken  Archaeological Assistant    sp664@le.ac.uk 
Ian Reeds  Archaeological Assistant    ir71@le.ac.uk 
Gavin Speed MCIfA
Project Manager (acting up)  Urban Roman and Anglo-Saxon settlement, Iron Age landscapes, SfM photogrammetry  gs50@le.ac.uk 

Post-excavation work

Name  Position  Interests and specialisms  Email 
Heidi Addison  Senior Finds Supervisor  Finds, archives  ha28@le.ac.uk 
Georgina Clipstone  Finds Assistant    gc231@le.ac.uk 
Lynden Cooper MCIfA  Project Officer  Lithics  lpc2@le.ac.uk 
Phil Hartley  Finds Assistant    ph198@le.ac.uk 
Elizabeth Johnson  Finds Officer  Roman pottery  embe1@le.ac.uk 
Will Johnson  Finds Assistant    wj45@le.ac.uk 
Angela Monckton  Consultant  Environmental archaeology, analysis of plant macrofossils  am116@le.ac.uk 
Ffion Rogers  Finds Assistant    fr87@le.ac.uk 
Adam Santer  Environmental Assistant  Environmental archaeology, analysis of macroscopic plant remains, wood/charcoal analysis  as1097@le.ac.uk 
Deborah Sawday  Consultant  Medieval and post-medieval pottery and tile  dmas1@le.ac.uk 
Rachel Small  Environmental Officer  Environmental archaeology  rs523@le.ac.uk