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All our research is driven by people. Our academics lead research groups with postdocs, PhD students and technical staff, often in collaboration with each other and other colleagues. Our facility managers provide technical expertise and are outstanding scientists in their own right.

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John SchwabeInstitute Director

Professor John Schwabe

  • Professor of Structural Biology
  • Structural Biology: NMR Spectroscopy and X-ray Crystallography
  • Molecular mechanisms of the regulation of gene expression
  • Nuclear receptors and their role in metabolism, development and disease
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Andrew HudsonInstitute Deputy Director

Professor Andrew Hudson

  • Professor of Biophysical Chemistry
  • Specialises in applying optical methods including optical tweezing molecular spectroscopy and microscopy (and combinations of these) to address problems at the life science interface
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Tennie VidelerInstitute Manager

Dr Tennie Videler

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Philip Ash

Philip AshResearch group

  • Metalloenzyme mechanism with sub-turnover frequency time resolution
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Mark Carr

portrait of Professor Mark CarrResearch group

  • Structure-based drug discovery
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Amanda Chaplin

portrait Amanda ChaplinResearch group

  • Structural architecture of DNA repair machinery
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Cyril Dominguez

Research groupprofile pi Cyril Dominguez

  • Structure and function of RNA processing complexes
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Richard Doveston

Richard DovestonResearch group

  • Stabilising protein-protein interactions
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Ian Eperon

Research group

  • RNA splicing: from single-molecules to therapyIan Eperon profile
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Joanna Fox

Joanna FoxResearch group

  • Regulation and molecular architecture of apoptotic protein complexes
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Bibek Gooptu

Bibek GooptuResearch group

  • Conformational mechanisms of lung and liver disease
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Gareth Hall

Research group

  • Structure-based drug discovery

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James Hodgkinson

portrait james hodgkinsonResearch group

  • Synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology
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Richard Hopkinson

Richard HopkinsonResearch group

  • Understanding the functional role of formaldehyde in health and disease
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Andrew Hudson

Andrew HudsonResearch group

  • Biospectroscopy and imaging
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Hanna Kwon

Hanna KwonResearch group

  • Metalloenzyme mechanisms
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Peter Moody

portrait Peter MoodyResearch group

  • Enzyme structure and function
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Helen O'Hare

Helen o'HareResearch group

  • Molecular mechanisms of sensory perception and metabolic regulation in bacteria
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Daniel Panne

Daniel PanneResearch group

  • Structural biology of signal transduction and epigenetic gene regulation
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Andrey Revyakin

portrait Andrey RevyakinResearch group

  • Single molecule dynamics of gene expression
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Thomas Schalch

Thomas SchlachResearch group

  • Chromatin structure and function

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Ralf Schmid

Research group

  • Molecular modelling and bioinformaticsportrait Ralf Schmid
Learn more about Ralf Schmid

John Schwabe

John SchwabeResearch group

  • Structural biology of transcriptional repression complexes
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Rama Suntharalingam

Research groupportrait Rama Suntharalingam

  • Metallopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer
Learn more about Rama Suntharalingam

Geerten W Vuister

Geerten VuisterResearch group

  • Structural biology of Ca2+-transport regulation complexes

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Russell Wallis

Research groupportrait professor Russell Wallis

  • Structural biology of complement activation
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Facility managers

Dr Jaswir Basran

Jaswir BasranBiophysical characterisation

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Dr Fred Muskett

Dr TJ Ragan

TJ RaganResearch Computing Officer

TJ is the Scientific Computation Officer at the Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology.

Previous to this role he was a postdoctoral scientist at Leicester University and before that at NIMR in Mill Hill. His scientific interests are protein NMR protein structure calculations and single particle cryo-EM.

Dr Christos Savva

Christos savvaCryo-Electron Microscopy Facility Manager

As the Cryo-EM Facility manager, I oversee the day to day operation of the Titan Krios, assisting users with Data collection and training users on specimen preparation and screening. I obtained my PhD from Texas A&M University in 2007 which focused on the structural determination of bacteriophage lysis proteins as well as other membrane complexes by (Cryo) electron microscopy.

I stayed on at Texas A&M working as an associate research scientist at the Microscopy and Imaging Center. I then moved to Birkbeck College to study the structures of Clostridial pore forming toxins by Cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography. Following my postdoc, I moved to the MRC Laboratory of molecular Biology as a research support officer before joining the University of Leicester in 2018. My research interests are in membrane protein complexes that form pores in cellular membranes.

Honorary members

Some of our past principal investigators remain affiliated to the Institute for Structural and Chemical Biology as honorary members.

Ivan Campeotto

Research group

  • Structural studies of key regulators of malaria and trypanosomal infections
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Alfredo De Biasio

Research group

  • Molecular architecture and function of DNA replication and repair machines
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Pietro Roversi

Research group

  • ERQC/ERAD modulation for broad-spectrum glycoprotein secretion-rescue in rare disease
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