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Research Institute Manager LISCB

Tennie Videler

School/Department: LISCB



Together with the Core Executive Committee I develop, maintain and plan for the delivery of the strategic scientific vision of this vibrant Research Institute, identify opportunities and establish the Institute’s long-term sustainability, and promote LISCB’s national and international profile and reputation.


Many years ago I had a postdoctoral position in the mass spectrometry (MS) group of Professor Dame Carol Robinson FRS at the University of Cambridge, studying very large intact biological complexes by MS. I was involved in different projects in collaboration with many people, the main ones being on ribosomes (where we could study the stalk which was invisible by crystallography) and ATP synthase- a membrane protein complex.

Before that I held a postdoctoral position in the protein NMR group of David Neuhaus at the MRC-LMB, studying protein structures and interactions. I divided my time between laboratory work (cloning, protein over-expression and purification) and NMR data acquisition and analysis. I briefly worked on the biophysical properties of frog foam and fish slime after my PhD on protein structures and protein-protein interactions using mainly NMR.


Selected publications

Eustermann S., Videler H., Yang J.C., Cole P.T., Gruszka D., Veprintsev D., Neuhaus D. (2011) The DNA-binding domain of human PARP-1 interacts with DNA single-strand breaks as a monomer through its second zinc finger. Journal of Molecular Biology 407, 149–170 DOI: 10.1016/j.jmb.2011.01.034

Gordiyenko, Y., Videler, H., Zhou, M., McKay, A.R., Fucini, P., Biegel, E., Müller, V., Robinson, C.V. (2010) Mass spectrometry defines the stoichiometry of ribosomal stalk complexes across the phylogenetic tree. Mol Cell Proteomics 9 1774-83

Gordiyenko, Y. Deroo, S., Zhou, M., Videler, H., Robinson, C.V. (2008) Acetylation of L12 increases interactions in the Escherichia coli  Ribosomal Stalk Complex, Journal of Molecular Biology 380 404-414


Esteban,O., Bernal, R.A., Donohoe, M., Videler, H., Sharon, M., Robinson, C.V. and Stock, D. (2008) Stoichiometry and Localisation of the Stator Subunits E and G in T. thermophilus H+ATPase/synthase J. Biol. Chem. 283 2595-603


Damoc, E., Fraser C.S., Zhou, M., Videler, H., Mayeur, G.W., Hershey J.W.B., Doudna, J.A., Robinson, C.V. and Leary, J.A. (2007) Global and Posttranslational Structural Characterization of the Human Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 3 Protein Complex by Mass Spectrometry, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 6 1135-1146


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Cooper, A., Kennedy, M.W., Fleming, R., Wilson, E.H., Videler, H., Wokosin, D.L., Su, T.-j., Green, R.J. and Lu, J.R. (2005) Adsorption of frog foam nest proteins at the air-water interface, Biophys. J. 88(3) 2114-25

Hanson, C.L., Videler, H., Santos, C., Ballesta, J.P. and Robinson, C.V. (2004) Mass spectrometry of ribosomes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: implications for assembly of the stalk complex, J. Biol. Chem. 279 (41) 42750-42757


Gordon-Smith, D.J., Carbajo, R.J., Yang, J.-C., Videler, H., Runswick, M.J., Walker, J.E. and Neuhaus, D. (2001) Solution Structure of a C-Terminal Coiled-Coil Domain from Bovine IF1 - the Inhibitor Protein of F1 ATPase, J. Mol. Biol. 308 325-339


Videler, H., Geertjes, G. and Videler, J.J. (1999) Biochemical characteristics and antibiotic properties of the mucous envelope of the queen parrotfish (Scarus Vetula),  J. Fish Biol. 54 1123-1126


Dennis, C. A., Videler, H., Pauptit, R. A., Wallis, R., James, R., Moore, G.R. and Kleanthous, C. (1998) A structural comparison of the colicin immunity proteins Im7 and Im9 gives new insight into the molecular determinants of immunity-protein specificity, Biochem. J. 333 183-191


Wallis, R., Leung, K.-Y., Pommer, A., Videler, H., Moore, G. R., James, R. and Kleanthous, K. (1995) Protein-protein interactions in colicin E9 DNase-immunity protein complexes. 2 Cognate and non-cognate interactions that span the millimolar to femtomolar affinity range, Biochemistry 34 13751-13759


Videler, H., Osborne, M.J., Moore, G.R., James, R. and Kleanthous, K. (1994) Structure determination by NMR of the nuclease inhibitor protein Im8, J. Protein Chem 13 54


  • PhD University of East Anglia 1996
  • Dutch MSc Chemistry University of Leiden 1992
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