Institute for Structural and Chemical Biology

Management and Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

The Institute's Scientific Advisory Board provides guidance on the strategy.

Name  Position
Dr Richard Henderson, Nobel Prize Laureate, FRS
Chair, MRC-LMB Cambridge
Professor Chas Bountra Pro-Vice Chancellor Innovation  University of Oxford
Professor Sir David Klenerman FRS Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Professor Jim Naismith FRS
Head of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, University of Oxford
Professor Sheena Radford OBE FRS
Astbury Professor of Biophysics, University of Leeds
Professor Emma Raven Professor of Chemistry and Head of the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol  
Professor Andrea Cooper
Dean of Research, College of Life Sciences, University of Leicester
Professor Simon Gill Director of Research, College of Science and Engineering, University of Leicester

Core executive

Name  Department
Professor John Schwabe (Director) Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor Andrew Hudson (Deputy Director) Chemistry
Professor Mark Carr Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor Ian C Eperon Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor Bibek Gooptu Respiratory Sciences
Professor Peter Moody Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor Daniel Panne Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor Thomas Schalch Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor Geerten Vuister Molecular and Cell Biology

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