Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 1997-1998

The West Country and England's network of fisheries, 1500-1650

Thursday 19 March 1998
Dr Todd Gray (University of Exeter)

Some aspects of Anglo-Saxon paganism

Thursday 12 March 1998
Dr Audrey Meaney (Cambridge University)

The End of a Great Estate: the Honour of Grafton in the Twentieth Century

Thursday 19 February 1998
Dr Philip Riden (Nene College of Higher Education)

Popular politics in the early sixteenth century: some leaps in the dark

Thursday 5 February 1998
Dr Richard Hoyle (University of Central Lancashire)

Local interests in modern English urban societies

Thursday 29 January 1998
Professor Seny Hernandez (Universidad Central de Venezuela)

The changing contours of English local government: themes and variations

Thursday 18 December 1997
Professor Sir David Eastwood (University of Birmingham)

The Prince and the Parker: Tudor Propaganda and the Evans Chantry Chapel in Coldridge, Devon

Thursday 4 December 1997
Dr Chris Brooks (University of Exeter)

Innovation and convervatism in seventeenth and eighteenth century Warwickshire houses

Thursday 27 November 1997
Dr Nat Alcock (University of Warwick)

Articulating sacred space: the evidence from late medieval wall painting

Thursday 6 November 1997
Dr Miriam Gill (University of Cambridge)

Aspects of the Minster church in Dorset

Thursday 6 October 1997
Mrs Teresa Hall (University of Leicester)

Cosmo-choro-poly-grapher: the life and work of John Norden

Thursday 1 May 1997
Dr Frank Kitchen (Steyning Grammar School, West Sussex)

English Apprentices and their masters in the 18th Century

Thursday 24 April 1997
Dr Joan Lane (University of Warwick)

The 'multiple estate' phenomenon revisited

Thursday 6 March 1997
Dr Dawn Hadley (University of Sheffield)

The Undiscovered Country: popular art in late Medieval and early Modern England

Thursday 20 February 1997
Dr Malcolm Jones (University of Sheffield)

The rise of juvenile delinquency in England 1780-1840. Changing patterns of perception and persecution

Thursday 6 February 1997
Professor Peter King (University of Leicester)

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